Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - My Livejournal.

Obsession - My Nathan & Haley (One Tree Hill) Fanfiction archive.

Here are a few of my favourite websites:

General: - Zia's collective of all her amazing sites which includes her terrific fanfic, music videos and fanlistings/hatelistings.

Brendan - Brendan's Official Website.

Crashdown - This is still one of the best Roswell websites around.

Indecisive - Vera's very cool site which has a multitude of things on offer from Roswell e-cards to fanfic to fanlistings/hatelistings.

Kraving Candy - The best place to find out the latest on Brendan and Majandra. It has a great collection of avatars, screencaps, downloads and lots more.

Majandra - Majandra's Official Website.

Media Blvd - Lots of very cool message boards for various celebrities and TV shows. Includes Brendan and Majandra's official message boards. - A collection of very cool wallpapers, avatars and fanlistings.


Alien Blast - A great archive of Roswell fanfiction containing most ships. - One of the very best fanfiction archives. Houses hundreds of amazing Candy fics.

Candy Is Dandy - The best Candy message board out there IMO.

Explosive - If you're a fan of Michael and Maria fanfiction, you should get listed at this fanlisting.

Intense - Erin's archive of her wonderful fanfiction.

Roswell Desert Skies - Susan's archive of great Roswell fanfiction. Again, contains a variety of ships.

Shelbecat's Fiction - Sherry's archive of her brilliant fanfiction.

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