Turning The Tables

Category: M&M, PWP
Rating: Strong Adult
Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own a thing.
Summary: How much teasing can Michael stand?
Author's Note:This is written for Vera (Xgirl22) as part of the Candy Fanfic Exchange. The requirements of the fic are as follows:

Genre (i.e. Fluff, Angst, etc): PWP (smut)
Rating: Adult
Time frame: Season 2 or later. Future is fine too.
Reference to a particular episode: if you're setting it after WDAMYK, I want a reference to just that ep (Michael having been King for a short time).
Must include the phrase: "I set the rules."
Additional requirements - anything else you want to see: Maria has Michael restricted to the bed (rope, cuffs, anything you want) and is teasing him so much that he ends up using his powers to cheat and free himself, then turns tables on her.

Authorís Note #2: Iíve set this post-Graduation and as you read it youíll see there are a couple of things that donít quite fit the timeline of WDAMYK and what followed. Hopefully, itíll still make sense though. :)


“C’mon Maria, just let me finish watching this.”

Maria pouted at her boyfriend as he continued to focus his attention on the hockey game he was watching on TV. Shifting closer to him, she nibbled his earlobe before swirling her tongue around the shell of his ear. She felt him shiver under her touch and her pout turned into a slow smile.

“Look, it’s nearly finished and then I’m all yours,” Michael told her, determined not to let her win this time. This was the third time this week that she had interrupted him while he watched his favourite sport and he needed to stay strong. There were less than ten minutes left so how hard could it be, he silently asked himself but deep down he already knew the answer to that question.

“Michael,” she whispered seductively against his skin. “I can’t wait…I need you now.”

“And you’ll have me…in about ten minutes.”

Her lips trailed a path across his cheek and moving her face in front of his, she pressed her mouth against his and kissed him, tugging on his bottom lip before drawing back. Moving away, she sat at the other end of the couch and she bit her lip to stop herself smiling when his eyes left the TV and settled on her face.

“You are so evil, you know that.”

“Who me?”

“Don’t give me that. C’mhere,” he said extending his hand to her.

Placing her hand in his much larger one, she let him pull her over to him and he maneuvered her so that she was sitting sideways in his lap. It was his turn now to kiss and nibble on her ear and he felt her reaction to his ministrations.

“I thought you wanted to watch the game,” she teased and she yelped when she felt him pinch her side.

“I’ll catch the result tomorrow. I’m guessing I won’t be able to concentrate on the final few minutes with you distracting me.”

“Is that so? Well maybe I should go into our bedroom and, um, amuse myself.”

“Oh no, if you’re doing that, then I’m definitely there with a front seat view.”

Maria laughed. “Good ‘cos it’s never as much fun without an audience.”

Moving forward slowly, Michael captured her mouth with his and kissed her hard and deep, his tongue slipping between her lips to glide against hers. His hands slid under her shirt and he drew lazy circles on her soft skin. He couldn’t help moaning when he felt her fingernails lightly scraping against his scalp and down to the back of his neck. When the need for air became an issue, he broke the kiss and rested his head against her neck.

“So, did you have anything special in mind for tonight?” he asked once he’d had a chance to catch his breath.


“Feel like sharing?”

“In a minute,” she replied before once again sealing their mouths together. This kiss was even more intense than the last and she could just about make out the fact that his fingers were making fast work of unbuttoning her shirt. Without breaking the kiss, she managed to shrug out of it with his help and she let it fall to the floor once it had cleared her arms.

Maria’s hands then began tugging on his shirt and together they managed to get it up and over his head, throwing it to the floor to join hers. Shifting position, she straddled his waist and groaned when she felt his hardness pressing against her.

Placing his hands on her hips, Michael drew back from her and slowly opened his eyes and caught her lustful gaze. Pulling her closer, he made sure that she could feel every single inch of him and he could tell from the look of her face that he’d succeeded in his mission.

“You do that to me, Maria.”

Leaning forward, she licked his lips and drew back before he could pull her into another kiss. “I know,” she replied and taking one of his hands in hers, she brought it underneath her skirt and showed him just what it was that he did to her.

“God baby…” he said moaning at the feel of her bare flesh underneath his fingers. He couldn’t believe that she had been sitting beside him all that time without her bra or panties under her clothes. And he was wanting to just watch a hockey game? Idiot!

“Take me to bed, Michael.” She pleaded as she pressed her bare chest against his, letting her hard little nipples graze his skin.

Scooting her off his lap so she was standing in front of him, he got up from the couch and picked her up, her legs automatically wrapping around his waist, and he carried her to their bedroom.

Their bedroom, he thought smiling to himself. When their relationship had first become intimate and they had spent that amazing summer together after he had stayed on earth for her, he had already thought of the bedroom in his apartment as theirs but this was different. This was their own apartment which they had now been living in for the past three months and they could do what they liked without any interruptions.

Laying her down gently on their king size bed, Michael was about to crawl over her when she suddenly moved and got off the bed.


“You get on first,” she told him as her fingers toyed with the waistband of her skirt. “But first, lose the jeans.”

“Only if you lose the skirt.”

“Deal,” she said with a giggle as she lowered the zipper on the side of the garment and eased it down her hips before letting it slide down to the floor.

He let his gaze roam all over her naked body for a moment more before quickly unbuttoning his jeans and pushing them down his hips and legs, kicking them to the side once they’d cleared his sock covered feet.

Maria giggled again as she watched her boyfriend standing before her in just his black socks. “Ooh sexy, maybe you should keep those on.”

“You’re so funny,” he deadpanned as he bent forward and removed them.

Once he had climbed onto the bed and his head was resting on the pillows, she climbed onto the foot of the bed and ran her hands up his legs, moving them higher as she crawled closer to him. She deliberately avoided touching his erection and instead let her fingers trail up and down his stomach before caressing his chest. When she raised one of her legs over his stomach and straddled him, he released the breath he hadn’t realised he had been holding.

Placing his hands on either side of her waist, he was about to shift her back slightly so she was right where he needed her but she covered them with her own, effectively stopping his movements, and shook her head.

Taking his hands in hers, she placed them flat on the bed and held them down as she leaned forward and let her breasts rub against him. “Can I tie you up?” she whispered against his lips and while she waited for his answer, she licked and suckled on his bottom lip.

Michael moaned at what her talented mouth was doing to him and the feel of her silky soft skin sliding back and forth along the length of his body was making any coherent thought damn near impossible.

“Can I…please?” Her lips left his mouth as she nipped on his strong jaw before moving down to his neck where she sucked furiously on a patch of skin, determined to leave her mark.

“Yeah,” he finally managed to say. He could feel her wetness seeping over his cock as she ground herself against him and he desperately wanted to be buried inside of her.

Moving away from him, Maria grinned. Her hand moved under the pillows beside where Michael’s head was resting and she retrieved what she had placed there earlier. Dangling them in front of him, she saw his eyes widen in what she took to be surprise.

“Where did you get those from?” His eyes left the item she was holding to look into her emerald pools and he saw them twinkling with mischief. From experience, he knew that wasn’t a good sign.

“Izzy and I did a little bit of shopping the other day. There’s a new store at the mall and she dared me to go in with her and you know me honey, I never back away from a dare.”

He groaned. “So what made you decide on those? I’m sure you could have got something better.”

“How do you know I didn’t? Actually, I really liked the colour of these,” she told him as her fingers stroked over the cherry red, soft leather handcuffs. “They look pretty.”

“Yeah, on you maybe. Couldn’t you have gotten them in black or something?”

“Quit complaining, Spaceboy.” Inching herself further up his body so she was practically straddling his chest, she took one of his hands in hers and fastened a cuff around his wrist before slipping the other cuff through one of the metal bars of their headboard and securing it around his other wrist.

“You know these are pretty flimsy, right? One good tug and they’ll break without me even having to use my powers.”

Maria watched the smirk on his face grow before she delivered the bad news to him. “Actually honey, I think you’ll find they won’t. I got Iz to reinforce them with her own special talents.” This time it was her that was wearing the smirk.

“Tell me you’re kidding? Maria?”

“Nope, sorry, no can do. Looks like you’re completely under my control.”

Michael watched as she climbed off of him and scooted to the foot of the bed. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Nowhere. I’m just admiring the view, those handcuffs look so pretty on you, baby. Much better than boring old black.”

“Hey, black’s my favourite colour.”

“I know and it looks so good on you but tonight, we’re adding a touch of colour.” Her hands massaged over his feet and legs, letting her fingernails rake up and down his skin. Working her way upwards, she giggled when she saw his cock jump as a result of her caressing his inner thighs. She knew he was particularly sensitive there.

As before, she avoided touching it and worked her way up further, stroking her hands over his strong, toned body. Since they had settled down in one place, he had begun working out and his body was looking even more gorgeous than it had before which was saying something. Occasionally, she would join him on one of his early morning runs and as a result of the endorphins pumping throughout their bodies, the sex they would have as soon as they returned home was pretty damn spectacular.

Lowering her head, Maria dropped butterfly kisses all over his chest and as she did so, she breathed in his unique scent. He had never really been one to wear cologne and she was glad because there was something about the natural smell of him that just drove her wild.

Keeping her eyes on his face, she licked his tight nipples and heard him moan her name. Moving so her face was above his, she looked into his eyes and smiled before capturing his lips with hers and kissing him passionately. Their tongues duelled and tangled as each fought for dominance but a clear winner couldn’t be established.

Pulling on the cuffs that held his wrists, Michael realised that they had definitely been altered and he would definitely need to focus if he had any chance of getting out of them. Damn Isabel! His fingers literally itched to touch his girlfriend and he groaned in frustration.

Raising her head, Maria looked at him and smirked. She kissed his lips but pulled away too soon for Michael’s liking if the look on his face was anything to go by. Sliding down his body, she trailed her tongue over his abs before letting it follow the line of hair leading down to his groin. Wrapping a hand around his erection, she pumped it a few times and then swirled her tongue around the head.

His hips raised up off the bed at the first swipe of her tongue and he felt her other hand hold him down as she continued what she was doing. An electrical charge ran through his body when she began licking up and down his shaft and he released a long drawn out moan when she sucked his entire length down her throat. Once again he tugged on the cuffs trying to break them but they weren’t budging. Glancing back to Maria, the sight of her head bobbing up and down was heating his body up even more and he could feel the first stirrings of his orgasm swirling in the pit of his belly. Her long hair, which was once again blonde, was tickling his thighs and he wished he could run his hands through it.

As she worked him with her hand and mouth, Maria could sense his orgasm was fast approaching and so she stopped and began kissing her way down his body towards his feet.

“Wh-what do you think you’re doing?” Michael panted while staring at her incredulously. If anything, he’d expected her to start working her way up his body.

“I want to take things slow, Spaceboy.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding? My arms are going numb here and I’m dying to touch you.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be touching me but not yet. All in good time,” she said, giving him a saucy wink.

“You’re going to pay for this,” he said teasingly.

“We’ll see. It’s a good job I got Iz to work her magic on those cuffs, I’ve got a feeling you won’t be going anywhere for a while.”

“Come up here.”

“Uh huh, I’m in charge so I think I’ll just come up there when I’m good and ready.”

Michael inwardly groaned. He felt her hands begin to massage his ankles and his legs and while it felt really good, he wanted her hands somewhere else. “C’mon Maria, please…you’re killing me here.” He hated begging but his little sexpot wasn’t giving him much of a choice. Tipping his head further back, he managed to get a look at the link connecting the cuffs and he realised that if he moved one hand slightly, he could probably use his powers to break it. He bit his lip to stop himself smirking; he wanted to surprise her when he finally managed to get free.

Maria’s eyes roamed up and down his body and she licked her lips at the sight of his arms straining above his head. A fine sheen of sweat was evident on his skin and finally she couldn’t take it anymore. Crawling up his body, she let herself rub against him and sighed at the contact. She couldn’t help chuckling when she felt his legs tangle with hers as he urged her forward on her journey.

Straddling his waist, she slid back and forth a few times letting his abs rub her in all the right places before moving forward and kissing him hotly. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she pushed back so she was grinding against his erection which she could literally feel throbbing and she felt herself grow even wetter. She knew she only had to change the angle slightly for him to finally be inside her but she didn’t want that yet. She was having way too much fun teasing him.

“Maria…please baby…” he mumbled as he sucked in gulps of air.

Sliding upwards again, she let her breasts hover over his face and when he raised up to take one into his mouth, she moved just out of his reach.


“Aww Spaceboy, you feeling frustrated?” She said, finally giving in and lowering her chest to his face. The feel of his hot, wet mouth sucking on her nipple made her moan loudly and moving one of her hands, she buried her fingers in his thick, shaggy hair. Pulling away, she shifted slightly so he could repeat the action on her other breast which he did, eliciting a stronger response since her right breast was a little more sensitive than the left.

All too soon for his liking, she shifted away from his reach and he saw her sliding further down his body. He held his breath waiting to see what she do and he couldn’t resist saying, “You go near my feet this time and you’ll regret it.”

The husky tone of his voice made her shiver and reminded of something that had happened quite some time ago but which she had never forgotten. “Will I regret it though?” she asked, raising a perfectly arched eyebrow. Taking his erection in hand, she gently pulled it away from his stomach and raising up on her knees, she teased herself with just the head, hissing with pleasure at the sensation.

“Oh god,” he moaned before adding, “Deeper…take it deeper.”

She frantically shook her head. “N-No…not yet.”

Michael had had enough. Once again he tipped his head back so he could look at the cuffs restraining him and focusing all his energies on them, he managed to snap the link which held his wrists together. As quick as a flash, he moved his hands through the headboard and grabbing his tease of a girlfriend, he flipped her onto her back and covered her with his body.

“Michael…how did you…” she trailed off as she looked from his face to his wrists which still had the red leather cuffs surrounding them although they were no longer linked together.

“Nevermind that. It’s payback time,” he told her with a heated smirk. Taking her wrists in his hands, he directed her to hold on to the frame at the foot of the bed where their heads were. “Keep them there,” he directed as he edged back and opened the drawer of his nightstand, removing a length of silky cord.

Coming back towards her, he straddled her waist and leaning forward, he looped the cord around her wrists and then wrapped it around the gaps in the footboard. The way he worked it meant that he could shift her around slightly and the cord wouldn’t tighten and hurt her in anyway. Moving back, he took in the picture she made and he grinned wolfishly. Now he could have his own fun.


“Shhh. I set the rules.”

“Rules?” A tingle of electricity shot through her at his words coupled together with the hot, lusty look he was giving her and she shivered with anticipation.

“Yeah,” he drawled. “Actually, there’s only one rule.”

Maria gulped as she wondered what blissful torture he had in mind. “And, uh, what’s that?”

“I tell you when you can cum.”

“What? No, that’s not fair.”

“Fair? You call teasing me the way you were doing fair? I don’t think so. You’re going to find out that turnabout is fair play, honey.”

Michael ran his hands up and down her long, slender legs before moving further up and massaging her thighs. Placing a hand on each knee, he edged them apart and he shuffled forward so he could lean his upper body over hers. He rested his weight on his forearms which were resting either side of her shoulders and lowering his head, he traced his tongue around her lips before slipping it into her mouth to tangle with hers. The kiss was intensely passionate, lasting for several long minutes and it was only broken when the need for air became a concern.

Maria’s legs came up to hook around his hips and she pulled his lower body tighter into hers so his cock was pressing against her entrance. While she loved being in control, she absolutely adored it when he took the lead and dominated her. She had done ever since that night he had become King. Michael had come to her after Max had transferred the royal seal of Antar back to himself and while the seal had gone, there were still some effects left over, one of those being the dominant attitude which she sensed had been there all along, the seal just bringing it to the surface.

They hadn’t yet got back together but deep down inside, she had known it was only a matter of time before they did. It had been the early hours of the morning when he had crept inside her window wanting to apologise for his earlier behaviour in the car but she had silenced him with a hard, bruising kissing, silently telling him what it was she wanted and he had complied without question. What followed that night was one of the hottest, most erotic experiences of her life and that was saying something where her boyfriend was concerned.

She was brought out of her reverie by his long fingers skimming her lower lips and she cried out when two of them plunged inside her. A few moments later she cried out again as the pleasure increased when he crooked his fingers and stroked over her G-spot. Her head tossed from side to side as her hips met each thrust and when he brushed his thumb over her clit in a circular motion, she felt the beginning of what she knew would be an amazing orgasm.

“Remember baby, you can’t cum until I tell you to,” Michael reminded her and he watched her tightly squeezed eyes fly open to stare at him.

“Oh…oh god…you were serious?” Her breath was coming in harsh pants as she now fought to stop herself going over the edge.

He nodded and gave her his usual smirk. “Uh huh.”

“I c-can’t stop…” she mumbled, her hands gripping the footboard even tighter.

“Yes, you can and you will,” he commanded. Adding another finger, he continued to pump them in and out, increasing the speed after a couple of minutes had passed. His free hand reached out and kneaded each of her breasts in turn, pinching the nipples sharply which he knew she loved and which he also knew often was the final trigger for her to climax.

“Please Michael…uh…please let me…”

“No. You teased me earlier so now it’s my turn,” he told her as he slowly slid his fingers from her and bringing them up to his mouth, he licked them clean. Lowering his head to hers, he kissed her and shared her taste. He felt his cock leap when she eagerly sucked on his tongue and he reluctantly pulled back from her and began kissing his way down her body, spending several long moments suckling on her breasts.

Maria desperately wanted to touch him; she wanted to run her hands over his strong shoulders, rake her fingernails down his back and then bury her fingers in his soft hair. As his lips moved further down her body, she pulled on the cord holding her captive but it was no good. Michael was the master when it came to restraining her, she should know that by now.

The first swipe of his tongue against her clit had her hips raising off the bed and she felt his large hands hold them down, his thumbs rubbing up and down as he did so. Her hands tightened their hold on the bars of the footboard as his lips, tongue and teeth devoured her moist flesh. Normally she would simply lay back and enjoy the ride but his words warning her not to cum pushed their way to the front of her mind and so her body stayed taut as she concentrated on not letting herself succumb to the delicious pleasure he was bestowing upon her.

Michael grinned against her as he realised what she was doing but all thought flew out of his head when he felt her dainty foot rub over his back. Although he wanted to prolong the torture for her, he knew he didn’t have it in him tonight. He couldn’t wait to feel her tight, wet heat surrounding him and in that second, he made a decision. His hands massaged her hips and waist in a soothing motion and a moment later, he felt her body grew even tighter as she fought off the inevitable orgasm that was on its way. Swirling his tongue around her clit a few more times, he then began nibbling on it with blunt teeth which had her thrashing wildly beneath him.

“Stop! Michael…stop…I-I can’t stop…ohhh…”

Those jumbled words were his undoing as he quickly moved over her and thrust his cock inside her in one long stroke. The scream that tore through her throat as she climaxed sent shockwaves throughout his body and he covered her mouth with his and kissed her hard and deep. The feel of her internal muscles clenching around him almost made him cum but he took a few deep breaths as he forced himself to calm down. Withdrawing from her body completely, he smirked as he ignored her protests for him not to stop and grabbing her hips, he flipped her over onto her stomach and maneuvered her so she was on her knees with her upper body resting on her forearms. The cord keeping her restrained was slack enough that she had room to move and wasn’t hurting her in the slightest.

Instead of plunging back inside her like he had planned on doing, he teased her by sliding himself back and forth along her slit, bumping her clit on each upstroke. He felt her shifting her position in an attempt to get him to slip inside but he held her hips firmly so she couldn’t move.

“Dammit Michael! I need to feel…” she trailed off when she felt him torment her further by slipping just the head inside her entrance and then circling his hips. “Ohhh god! Please…deeper…go deeper…”

Closing his eyes, Michael savoured the feel of her for a moment before saying, “Hmm, those words sound familiar. Oh wait, wasn’t I asking you to do that a while back?”

“I-I’m sorry.”

“I’ll bet,” he chuckled before releasing a long drawn out moan when she suddenly managed to push back and get him deeper inside. Her internal muscles clenched him tightly and his eyes almost crossed at the sensation. Leaning forward, his chest covered her back and he brought a hand up to move her hair aside so he could nuzzle and nip at her neck. “You’re such a bad girl,” he whispered huskily against her hot, flushed skin.

“You love me like that,” Maria panted breathlessly.

“Yeah, I do.” His hands trailed down to her ass, squeezing her cheeks playfully before moving up to grip her hips and withdrawing from her until only the head of his cock was inside her, he suddenly thrust forward, resulting in her releasing a piercing scream.

Her fingers gripped the footboard as hard as they could as he pounded into her and she didn’t care whether she had permission to cum this time or not, she wasn’t holding back. She cried out when he hit a particularly sensitive spot within her and she once again squeezed her muscles knowing he loved it when she did that. His hands came around her to knead and caress her breasts and the feel of him tugging on her nipples coupled with the hard and fast pace with which he was driving into her caused her to explode in a mind-numbing orgasm which left her entire body trembling from head to toe.

The feel of her clenching around him as she came triggered Michael’s orgasm and with a loud shout, he emptied himself inside of her before collapsing on top of her. They lay there in a sweaty, tangled mess for a several long moments before he moved and unfastened the cord from her wrists using his powers. Taking her wrists in his hands, he rubbed his fingers over them before raising them to his lips and kissing them softly. His fingers ran through her hair before cupping her face in his palms and bringing it closer to his own where he then kissed her soundly.

“That was…”

“I know,” he said, a smile tugging at his lips. “Pretty incredible, huh?”

“Oh yeah,” she replied before yawning lazily.

“C’mon, let’s get some sleep.”

He had just enough energy left to move her up to the head of the bed and laying beside her, he grabbed the sheet and covered them both as their bodies naturally moved closer together so they could cuddle.

Just as he was about to doze off, Michael heard his girlfriend’s voice.

“So, is there another game on tomorrow night?” Maria asked, her fingers idly stroking his chest.

He inwardly groaned. “No,” he lied.

“Right,” she said, not believing him for a second. “Oh, and by the way, that red still looks good on you.”

“Huh?” Looking down at her, he met her gaze which was focused on his hand resting on the bed and he realised he was still wearing the cuffs around his wrists. “Dammit! I’ll deal with them tomorrow.” Right now all he wanted was to sleep because god knows, he’d need his rest for what his girlfriend planned for tomorrow night.

The End


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