The CrashDown Can Be Fun Too

Category: M&M
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Nope, still don't own anything.
Summary: This takes place a week or so after "Boys' Locker Rooms Can Be Fun" but there's no need to have read that to understand this fic.


“Thank God they’ve finally gone.” Maria said, locking the door to the CrashDown after the last two customers had just left. “I mean, how long does it take to finish a cup of coffee?”

Michael leaned back against one of the tables and watched his girlfriend reach up to slide the bolt securing the door and smirked as he noticed her already short uniform slide further up her thighs.

Turning around Maria noticed the blatant lust written all over Michael’s face and she sashayed over to him, stopping just outside of his reach. “What’cha looking at, Spaceboy?” She teased as her fingers moved down the front of her uniform slowly unbuttoning it. She inwardly chuckled at her power over this incredibly sexy alien as Michael’s eyes concentrated on her fingers’ journey and her naked skin that was slowly beginning to be revealed.

“Michael? Are you listening to me?”

Michael seemed in a daze and was still ignoring her so Maria stopped what she was doing and started to walk past him. She couldn’t help giggling when he caught her in his arms and stopped her going anywhere. He pulled her closer until their bodies were pressed tightly together and he bent his head and kissed her hard, sucking her lower lip into his mouth before doing the same to her top lip.

Gasping for breath they eventually pulled back from each other and then leaned in a little and mated their foreheads together.

“Are you gonna talk to me now, Spaceboy?” Maria asked placing a gentle kiss on his nose.

“I’m sorry, baby. It was like everything was moving in slow motion when you started to strip and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I didn’t mean to ignore you. I mean, I know what damage you can do, don’t I?” He smirked sexily.

“Oh yeah.” Maria wrapped her arms around Michael’s neck and played with the long strands of his hair. Moving closer to the side of his face, she swirled her tongue around his ear and then gently nipped the lobe with her teeth, enjoying the incoherent moans Michael was making. “Am I staying at your place tonight?” She whispered into his ear.

Michael shivered at the feel of her hot breath on his skin. “If you want to. I take it your mom’s out of town again.”

“Yeah, some convention or other. She’s away until Monday afternoon so we have the whole weekend to play.”

“Cool. So let’s finish up here and go home.”

Maria nodded. “Okay.” She reluctantly released him from her embrace and stepped back.

Michael gave her a kiss before he walked back through the doors leading into the kitchen to begin cleaning up.

“Hey Michael, remind me again why I let Liz leave early tonight.”

Standing in the doorway he turned back to face her. “Beats me. I’m not complaining though ‘cos I’ve got you all to myself tonight what with her out with Max and her parents away for the weekend. It’s kinda nice being left in charge when they aren’t around.”

“Yeah, it is. Come on then, let’s get started. The sooner we do this the quicker we get to leave.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Michael quipped giving her a salute.

Maria poked her tongue out at him and rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, you give that tongue a good workout ‘cos you’re going to be using it tonight.” He quipped, quickly leaving the dining area to get started in the kitchen.


Having completed her tasks, Maria lay down on the couch in the break room and let herself sink into the worn cushions. Closing her eyes, she began daydreaming about what Michael had planned for them later that night. Maria didn’t know what was wrong with her but lately she couldn’t seem to get enough of her gorgeous boyfriend, and while she missed her mom when she was away on her trips she loved the fact that while her mom was gone she could spend as much time as she wanted with him. Maria considered Michael’s apartment her second home and had almost as much of her personal stuff there as she did at her place.

For some reason Maria couldn’t explain, her and Michael were becoming even more adventurous in their sex life and were making love anytime and anywhere. She blushed as she remembered how just the other week she had snuck into the boys’ locker room at school and had fast and furious sex with Michael under the hot spray of the showers after his gym class.

“Sweetie, you ready to go?” Michael asked as he walked into the break room. He smiled as he noticed the blush creeping up her neck and settling on the apples of her cheeks.

Maria broke out of her reverie at hearing Michael’s voice and she slowly raked her eyes over him, taking in every delicious inch of his hot, hard body.

Michael could feel the intensity of Maria’s gaze and he moved slowly forward until he was leaning over her on the couch. He leaned down just as she lifted up slightly until their lips met and they shared a passionate kiss, one that left them both breathless. He felt her arms come up and she softly massaged his shoulders, moving her hands further up until she was caressing the nape of his neck. He drew back slightly and kissed a path from her lips, down past her throat and latched his lips onto her neck where he sucked a patch of the smooth skin into his mouth, worrying it with his teeth.

“Yesssss......yes.......bite me......please......” Maria begged.

In compliance with Maria’s request, Michael worked the skin harder, nibbling it first and then biting it but not hard enough to draw blood. He sucked furiously at the tender flesh, determined to leave his mark and reveled in the sounds Maria was making.


Kissing back up her throat and reaching her lips once again Michael silenced her with his mouth, sliding his tongue inside and rubbing it against her own. Maria sucked greedily on his tongue, savouring the faint flavour of Tabasco that lingered there from his earlier use of the condiment on his dinner.

“Maria.........Maria........God…Maria........” He chanted as Maria released his tongue and started her own path down his throat. He gasped when he felt her lick and then suck his Adam’s apple into her mouth. “Maria.......I love much......”

“Uh you too, Spaceboy.”

“I can’t wait, Maria. I want you now.........I need to be inside you,” Michael said raising himself on his arms and pulling back slightly so he could look into Maria’s eyes.

“I can’t wait either baby, but what if Liz comes back from her date and sees know......” she trailed off.

“What? Fucking?” He asked, his chocolate brown eyes almost boring holes into hers.


“That’s what I want to do to you now.....I wanna fuck you......hard. I want you to scream my name. I love the way you scream my name when you cum.........”

“God, Michael.........Now! Do me now!”

Without any warning Michael suddenly stood up and pulled her off the couch and walked through the doors back out into the dining area which as Michael had already turned off the lights was now in almost total darkness save for the street lights outside. He pulled her behind the counter and quickly stripped her clothes off until she was standing naked before him. His eyes roamed all over her body and he could see her nipples hardening, a mixture of his heated regard and the cool air blowing in through the air conditioning vents. Michael reached out one of his hands and traced a circle with his index finger around one nipple before repeating the motion with her other one.

Gasping at the sensation of his soft touch, Maria grabbed a handful of Michael’s T-shirt and pulled him to her, pressing her body tightly against his. She gripped his face between her palms and kissed him hard and deep, forcing his mouth open with her tongue, exploring the hidden depths of his mouth and savouring his unique taste. While she kept his mouth busy, Maria moved her hands down to the hem of his T-shirt and pulled it up, breaking the kiss only to pull it over his head. She threw the material onto the floor and then began unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans, pushing them down past his knees to his ankles. Michael quickly bent down and unlaced his boots taking both them and his socks off and then taking his jeans off the rest of the way. Finally both naked Michael picked Maria up and placed her on the counter top, releasing a burst of laughter when she cussed as her ass hit the cold surface. His laugh turned into a hiss though when Maria brushed her toes against his erection, running them back and
forth along the heated flesh.

“Uh huh, stop that.” Michael told her, his voice low and deep, as he placed his hands on her knees and eased them apart so he was now standing between her spread thighs. He moved in closer and planted soft kisses along her jawline, slowly moving downwards past her throat, licking along her collarbone, and venturing lower still until he reached her breasts. Once there he brought his hands up and cupped them before he captured one of her nipples between his lips and started sucking on it. One of his hands was used to slowly knead her other breast while with his free hand he caressed her hip, drawing circles on the smooth, silky skin with the tips of his fingers.

Maria placed one hand behind her on the counter bracing herself and the other came behind Michael’s head to keep him in position. “More, Michael.........suck it harder.......harder.......” She mumbled, already so far gone with the beautiful sensations Michael was creating with his talented mouth. “That feels really good........You feel really good,” she told him appreciatively.

The noises Michael was making against her skin reverberated through her and she gripped him harder, moving the hand holding his head further down to dig her nails into the skin of his shoulder. The bite from Maria’s nails sent a jolt of electricity through his already overheated body and he nibbled her nipple with his teeth before he switched and moved to her other breast to lavish it with the same treatment.

Wrapping her legs around him, she pulled Michael even closer and fell slightly forward so she was leaning over him. “I wanna feel you inside me baby.......please........I’m aching for you to fill me up.......”

Michael gripped her waist as he slowly released her breast from his mouth and drew back a little. He looked up and was struck by the intense heat that seemed to be emanating from the emeralds of Maria’s eyes. He stood tall and using one hand brought Maria’s head down to meet his lips and they kissed, their tongues battling for dominance.

Pulling away they looked at each other and Michael reached up and released Maria’s hair from the clip holding it up. Shaking her head from side to side her shiny blonde hair tumbled around her shoulders in waves and Michael let it fall through his fingers, marvelling at its silkiness. He drew her head down to his again and instead of kissing her lips he placed gentle butterfly kisses all over her face.

Smiling at her he said, “God Maria, you don’t know how much I’ve wanted you on this the way I had you during the heatwave that time. I......uh.....I just want you to know wasn’t the heatwave that was making me lust after you.......making me go to you.”

Maria knew what he meant but wanted to hear the actual words from his own lips. “Then what was it, Spaceboy?”

“ was all you.”

The smile she gave him at hearing his answer made his heart soar in his chest.

“I love you, Michael.” Maria leaned forward and captured his bottom lip between her lips and sucked it for a moment before releasing it and sliding further back on the counter again. “I loved you then.......and I love you now.”

He wrapped his hands around her waist and brought her closer to him, resting his head on her chest. “I loved you back then too. I just.......I couldn’t admit it to you or to myself.”

“I know, baby. But we’re good now right?”

“Oh yeah! We’re definitely good.” Michael told her running his hands up and down her back and enjoying the way she was shivering at his touch. He started moving lower again and when he reached her navel he tongued her belly button making her giggle. He loved the sound of her laugh and so did it again.

“Michael, that tickles.”

“I know.” He did it once more before he continued his journey south. He laid gentle kisses on the inside of her each of her thighs and then licked at the crease where her thigh met her pussy. He repeated the movement on her left side before doing the same to the right and the way Maria was moving further forward off the counter was all the proof he needed to tell him how much she was enjoying it. Running his hands down each of her bare legs he placed them over his shoulders and loved it when she started caressing his back with her small feet. He trailed a finger up and down her slit and then slowly began to circle the nub of nerve endings at the top.

Maria was rocking her hips against his finger and without warning Michael thrust two fingers deep inside her passage making her cry out his name in pleasure. “Michaellll! Ohmigod! Ohmigod!......Please.....please.....” she pleaded over and over.

“Please what?” Michael teased blowing a stream of cool air over her wet heat.

“Lick me......please......please......I need to feel your mouth on me.......”

Michael smiled against her thigh before he flattened his tongue and licked a path from the bottom of her pussy upwards and then pulled her clit in between his lips, sucking hard and then, after releasing it, he drew figures of eight around it with the tip of his tongue while crooking the two fingers inside her and rubbing against her G-spot.

“OH FUCK! FUCK!” Maria screamed out as she climaxed violently.

Reaching up with his free hand Michael covered Maria’s mouth with it to try and muffle her cries. The last thing he needed was someone overhearing them and coming to check out the situation. Feeling a wetness against his hand he realised Maria was licking it before she slowly began to suck on his fingers. Michael knew he wasn’t going to last much longer and he desperately wanted to bury his cock in Maria’s warmth. Reluctantly he pulled his fingers
out of her dripping passage and gave her pussy a final kiss before he straightened up to his full height. He brought the fingers that had been inside Maria up to his lips and looking into her eyes, slowly licked at them, gathering up her natural juices and savouring the taste. Reaching out
and taking his hand Maria pulled him closer and also started to lick at his fingers, their tongues occasionally touching, sharing her taste between them.

“’re so hot.......I wanna be inside you........I can’t wait any longer.”

“Me either. Take me, Michael.”

At Maria’s words Michael placed his hands around her waist and picked her up. As soon as her feet hit the floor Michael released her and bent down to make a makeshift bed using their discarded clothes as the tiled floor would be cold against their skin. Sitting down in the fairly narrow space behind he counter he reached up for her hands and pulled her down gently. Arranging them so that Maria was lying on the clothes with him on top, Michael raised himself up on his forearms and stared into her eyes.

Maria brought one hand up to caress the side of his face. “You’re so beautiful, baby. You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted........will ever want,” she told him and smiled as he blushed at hearing her words.

“The same goes for me, sweetie.” He lowered his head and captured her lips in an intense kiss and as his tongue entered her mouth, he suddenly thrust his cock up into Maria’s entrance and used a combination of long, deep thrusts and short quick ones which he knew she loved.

Maria gasped at the feel of his hard shaft rocking in and out of her and his angle was such that his pubic bone was pressing into and rubbing against her throbbing clit.

“ you........” Michael murmured against her cheek and then her ear as he placed wet, sucking kisses against her flushed skin.

“Love you too.......God........ohmigod.......Michael.......Yesssss......”

Rocking his hips faster and faster, Michael could feel his orgasm approaching and he was worried in case Maria wasn’t quite there yet but that thought was quickly dispelled when Maria suddenly let out a wordless scream as she came and her juices coated his cock. A few moments later Michael lowered his head again and kissed Maria hard, releasing his scream into her mouth.

They lay entwined together for a few moments letting their breathing get back to normal. Michael took Maria’s hand in his and laced their fingers together and raising it up to his lips, kissed their joined hands. “That was.......amazing,” he told her.

“Mmm hmmm,” Maria agreed. “I love being with you and it just seems to get better and better.”

“Definitely.” Michael snuggled against Maria’s neck, rubbing his lips against the soft skin and inhaling her scent.

Maria wiggled against him and she could feel his cock stiffening inside her again and she giggled.

“Nuh huh, baby. Let’s go home and finish this properly. The last thing I want is for Liz Parker to come in here and get a view of my naked ass.”

“Aww, but you have such a nice ass,” she teased.

“Yeah, I know but you’re the only one I want seeing it,” he said licking and sucking at her neck.

“Good.” Maria turned her head towards Michael and they shared a sweet, gentle kiss. “Okay, let’s go then. This floor isn’t the most comfortable place to be doing this.”

Michael eased himself out of Maria and once he was standing reached out his hands and pulled Maria up. He bent down and picked up their clothes and they quickly got dressed. Michael abruptly stopped what he was doing and stared at Maria.

“What? Michael, what is it?”

“Condom! We forgot to use a condom. Dammit!”

“Um......yeah I know. I realised a couple of seconds after you were inside me but it’s okay, Michael. I mean, I am on the pill and it’s not like this is the first time we’ve forgotten to use one. Don’t freak out ‘cos it’ll be okay. I’m sure of it,” she said trying to reassure him.

Pulling her into his arms he buried his face into the nook between her neck and shoulder. “I’m sorry I freaked. You know it’s not that I don’t want........”

“Hey, I know and it’s okay. Come on let’s go home,” Maria told him rubbing her hands up and down his arms.

“Okay.” He pulled back slightly and placed a kiss on forehead. “Thanks for that.”

“You’re welcome. Now let’s get out of here before we get busted by Liz. We should have been out of here at least an hour ago.”

They quickly gathered up their belongings and making sure everything was in order, they left the Crashdown by the back door, having left a light on for when Liz returned home. They had just reached Michael’s bike when a voice made them jump.

“Hey guys, are you only just leaving now?”

“No shit, Sherlock,” Michael muttered under his breath as he and Maria turned round to face Liz. They weren’t surprised to see Max standing next to her holding her hand.

“Um.....yeah.....It was really busy and we had a few stragglers’ve only just finished clearing up.”

Liz didn’t seem to notice the blush covering Maria’s face so distracted was she by Max’s hand holding hers, drawing circles on the inside of her palm and the fact that he was going to be able to spend some time with her in her room as her parents were away. “Oh, okay. I’m sorry about bailing on you earlier but Max and I went to the library and studied for that biology test we’ve got on Monday.

“I’ll bet,” Michael whispered so only Maria could hear and she had to suppress her giggle.

“Anyway, guys have a nice night and Max and I will see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, bye guys.” Max said, eager to get away and into Liz’s bedroom.

“See ya, Max. Night Liz.” Maria called out and Michael mumbled his own goodbye to the couple.

Suddenly a little light-bulb went on over Michael’s head and he called out, “Oh, by the way Liz, your parents got back early from their trip and they said they’ll see you in the morning.” He loved the look of horror that quickly settled itself on Liz’s face and the look of utter disappointment on Max’s. He quickly put his helmet on so he could hide the smile he could feel creeping onto his face and then climbed onto his bike, starting the engine.

Maria didn’t say a word to contradict Michael’s words. ‘Serves her right for leaving us in the lurch again on a Friday night,’ she thought to herself. Quickly grabbing the spare helmet she put it on and then straddled the bike behind Michael, pressing herself tightly against his back. With a final wave to the dejected pair, they rode off home and as soon as they were out of earshot they released the laughter they had been holding in at the looks on Liz and Max’s faces. They knew they would get it in the neck from them as soon as they realised they had been set up but hey, tomorrow is another day.

The End


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