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Rating: NC-17
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Summary: Maria has a craving for a fix...of Michael.
Author's Note: This is a little something I've been working on for a while and I just finished it today. I hope it goes some way to appeasing those of you who are patiently waiting for an update to "First Time for Everything".

This fic is dedicated to the RCWW girls. Thanks for all your help with this. It's been much appreciated. *hugs* Also, a big thank you goes to the girls who've helped me through the difficult time I've had recently. You know who are and I just want to say that you're the best. *hugs*

Hope everyone enjoys the fic and I look forward to hearing what you think.


Maria shifted in bed and plumped up her pillows for the third time that night. For the life of her she just couldn’t seem to fall asleep. Her body was as jumpy as a live wire and nothing she did to help herself relax was working. Before getting into bed she had soaked in a nice warm bubble bath, surrounded by her favourite lavender scented candles, and that had been followed by a steaming mug of hot chocolate. She had then read almost the entire latest issue of Cosmo and had only put it down because her eyes were beginning to close.

Unfortunately, as soon as she’d snuggled down under the covers and gotten comfy her body had somehow rejuvenated itself and now she was wide awake.

Maria sensed that part of the problem was due to her usual bedtime companion being absent despite her mother being away on her latest retreat. Thanks to a stupid fight, which was all Spaceboy’s fault by the way, she was now alone and feeling majorly frustrated. There, she’d admitted it. Her real reason for not being able to sleep was that she hadn’t been with Michael for the past two days, something of a record for them lately, and she was now craving his touch, scent and taste.

While luxuriating in her bath earlier, she had touched herself intimately desperately trying to bring on the orgasm she could feel building but it hadn’t worked. Even using the vibrator that Michael had recently given her for the nights he couldn’t be with her hadn’t provided any relief either. She couldn’t help smiling at the memory of when he’d given her the toy. Thank god her mom had been away that night!

Maybe she ought to forgive him, Maria thought to herself. After all, he hadn’t been entirely to blame for the fight they’d had the other night. In all honesty, she couldn’t even remember what the fight was about, only that they’d started yelling and screaming at each other before she had grabbed her things and stormed back home where she had proceeded to eat practically an entire carton of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream.

Flipping over onto her stomach, she rested her head on her arms while considering whether or not she should go over to Michael’s apartment. Glancing over at the alarm clock, she saw that it was only two-thirty and that if she did go over there, she’d be waking him up. The up-side though was that both of them weren’t working the next day at either Meta-Chem or The Crashdown so they could take their time making up. She couldn’t help smirking at the knowledge of what making up would entail.

Finally making her mind up as to what she was going to do, Maria got out of bed and went over to her dresser and removed her new sheer, sea-foam green, babydoll nightie and matching panties from one of the drawers. Taking off her pajamas, she slipped on the garments before walking over to the full length mirror on the back of her wardrobe. The nightie hit the tops of her thighs and was so sheer it was practically see-through while the seam that ran under the bust pushed her breasts up creating a nice cleavage. The panties were of the same fabric and were so tiny she might as well go without them. She twirled in front of the mirror liking the way the bottom of the garment swung out slightly and she couldn’t wait for Michael to see her in it.

Opening her wardrobe, she retrieved her brand new black patent, five inch spike heeled mules. As soon as she’d seen them in the store she knew she had to have them and she was dying for Michael to see them. She knew wearing high heels drove him wild and that was definitely the effect she wanted to have on him tonight.

Slipping them on, she once again twirled in front of her mirror but this time her eyes were trained on the reflection of her feet, and she couldn’t help gasping at the erotic image looking back at her.

Moving as quickly as she could considering she was wearing extremely high heels, she packed her overnight bag and going downstairs she grabbed her long overcoat from the hall closet and pulled it on. The last thing she needed was for any of the neighbours to catch her in her revealing state, not that she thought they’d be outside at this time of night...or morning to be more precise.

After exiting and locking up the house, Maria got into the Jetta and drove over to Michael’s apartment. It didn’t take her long to get there and before she knew it she was unlocking his front door with her key. Quietly closing the door behind her, she made her way to his bedroom. Creeping inside the room, she placed her bag in the corner and, as an afterthought, she stepped out of her shoes and put them down beside her bag. The last thing she wanted was for the click-clacking of her heels to wake him up. Slipping off her coat, she draped it over a chair before tip-toeing over to the side of the bed and watching her gorgeous boyfriend sleeping soundly on his back in the center of the bed. Lucky for her, Michael was a heavy sleeper so she should be able to carry out her plan without him waking up.

Going over to the drawer he’d given her in his dresser, she carefully slid it open and removed two of the silk scarves she’d put there a week ago to replace the ones he’d previously ripped. Once again she tip-toed over to him, but this time she gently took one of his wrists in her hands and carefully secured it to the headboard with one of the scarves. She held her breath as he stirred but relaxed when he made no further movement. Biting her lip in concentration, she did the same to the other wrist before stepping back and admiring her handiwork, smiling at the fact that she’d managed to do it without waking him up.

Maria went over to where she’d left her bag and took out a few candles, placing them around the room and lighting them. She knew she’d have to act fast as the flickering light could rouse Michael and that wasn’t what she wanted at all. When he woke up she wanted it to be because of what she was doing to him. Turning to look at him, she couldn’t help but stare. He truly was the sexiest man she’d ever set eyes upon. Before waking him up, she remembered her shoes and going over to where she’d left them, she slipped them back on. She kept her eyes trained on him as she approached the bed again and reaching out, she gingerly removed the covers and dropped them on the floor. Licking her lips at the sight of his nakedness, she moved closer to him and lowering her head, she began placing featherlight kisses on his stomach and kept moving upwards until she was hovering over his mouth. Not being able to resist a moment longer, she covered his mouth with her own and kissed him softly before parting his lips with her tongue and kissing him more passionately.

“Mmmm,” Michael moaned as he slowly floated up to consciousness. He really didn’t want to wake up from this dream and trying to shift his position, he found that he couldn’t. His body stiffened as he forced himself to wake up and open his eyes. The sight that greeted him left him speechless. Maria’s face was less than an inch away from his own and he could tell she was waiting for his response. He didn’t have to look to know that she had somehow managed to bind him to his headboard while he’d been asleep, and he couldn’t help smirking before raising up the best he could despite his current immobile state to capture her lips with his own.

“I thought you were mad at me,” he told her after she’d pulled back and broken the kiss.

“I am mad at you, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use you to relieve my, uh, frustrations...or does it?” Before Michael could respond, she bit his bottom lip before sucking it between her lips to soothe it.

“, it doesn’t.” He licked his lips and could taste the lingering flavour of her raspberry lip gloss on them.

Standing up to her full height, Maria smiled at him before sashaying away from him. She could feel his eyes burning into her and she teased him further by bending over and pretending to retrieve something from her bag on the floor. Hearing his deep growl sent shivers up and down her spine and she couldn’t wait to get things started.

“Maria, what the hell are you wearing?” Michael asked, his eyes roaming all over her body. The material was practically transparent and as his eyes travelled down her long legs, he suddenly seemed to notice her footwear. He’d never seen shoes with heels that high before, well, not unless you counted the porn movies he’d seen.

Turning back towards him, Maria replied, “Um, a nightie?”

“Uh huh. Does your mom know you own something like that?”

She raised an eyebrow at his question. “Do you really want to be talking about my Mom right now?” He shook his head. Maria watched as his eyes lowered and he stared at her erect nipples which she knew were totally visible through her nightie. “Do you want to know a secret, Spaceboy?” She teased as she walked over to him.

“Always.” His voice was thick with lust and he coughed to clear his throat. She looked incredible and all he wanted to do was break his bonds, grab her and throw her down onto his bed. He’d been going crazy these past couple of days and he knew she had to have been feeling the same way if she’d come over here in the middle of the night dressed like that.

Tossing her hair over one shoulder, she placed her arms on either side of him on the bed and leaned down. When he lifted his upper body to kiss her, she raised up so she was just out of his reach and he groaned with obvious frustration.


“Shhh, all in good time,” she whispered seductively.

“So, what’s the secret?”

Leaning down again, she licked a path from his cheek to his ear and she nibbled the lobe before saying, “I drove over here dressed like this...all I had on top of it was my overcoat.”

Michael gulped at the image of her driving across town wearing that skimpy outfit and he could feel himself harden even more. “God, Maria...”

“Does that turn you on, baby?” She breathed.

“Yeahhh,” he drawled. “Did anyone see you?” The thought that someone might have seen her excited him even though he wanted to pummel anyone who dared to look at his girlfriend in that way...hell in any way.

“Hmm, I’m not sure...maybe.” Getting up from the bed again, Maria stood in front of him and twirled. “So, do you like my outfit?”

He looked at her like she was crazy. “Are you kidding me? I fucking love it. You look so incredibly hot and all I want is to fuck you long and hard. Will you do me a favour though?”

“That depends,” she replied shivering at his words. “I’m still pissed at you for our fight so I don’t know if you’re in any position to ask for favours.”

“C’mon Maria, please? I’ll owe you...anything you want.” Crap! He was practically begging but seeing her all dressed up like that...for him...he really didn’t care. He’d find a way to get even with her later.

“Now how could I refuse an offer like that? Okay, what’s the favour?”

“Keep the heels on?” Michael held his breath as he waited for her answer. She knew he had a fetish for her wearing high heels in bed but she could be a little tease when she wanted to be and so could deliberately refuse him his request, especially as she said she was still mad at him.

Maria watched his face for a moment before putting him out of his misery. “Oh okay, I can do that for you but just remember you owe me...big.” She’d had every intention of keeping the shoes on because they were as much of a turn-on for her as they were for him. His pleasure definitely triggered hers but it was always extra special making him beg. The smile he rewarded her with made it all worthwhile.

Michael watched her eyes travel up and down his body and he knew it wouldn’t take much to make him cum. His frustration had been building and even his own hands hadn’t been enough to bring him off. Somehow, his pain-in-the-ass girlfriend had managed it so that masturbation only worked these days if she was there watching or was doing it for him and he couldn’t help wondering if he had the same effect on her. He watched her come closer and his fingers itched to touch her skin. It had been way too long since he’d last touched her.

“Hmm, now what shall I do with you first?” Maria pondered aloud. Michael could see the telltale twinkle in her eyes which gave away that she already knew what she was going to do first.

“Whatever you want is always fine by me,” he told her truthfully.

She climbed up onto the bed and then straddled his hips. Neither of them were able to contain their moans at the first contact their bodies made. Placing a hand on his erection, Maria slowly stroked it up and down before leaning forward and covering his mouth with hers. The kiss was intense and both received flashes from it telling each other how much they’d missed being together these past two days.

Michael breathed in some much needed air after Maria had broken their kiss. Seeing that flash of her using the vibrator on herself whilst chanting his name over and over again as she desperately tried to cum had made him even harder and he pulled on his bindings.

“Nuh huh, Spaceboy.” She shifted back slightly so she was resting more on his thighs now and they simultaneously moaned at the feel of their skin sliding against each other’s. “Oh god, it’s felt like a lifetime since we last touched,” she told him forgetting what she had originally wanted to say.

“It’s only been a couple of days,” he replied huskily.

“Yeah, a lifetime.” She leaned over him again, rubbing herself wantonly along his taut body. The moans her action elicited from him spiked her temperature a few more degrees. If she got any hotter she’d self-combust.

“God yesss...” The fabric of Maria’s nightie was sliding against his skin as she moved back and forth along him and while it felt damn good, he was desperate to feel her naked skin against his. “Maria...” he moaned.

“What is it baby?”

His words got caught in his throat as she licked the shell of his ear before capturing the lobe between her teeth and tugging on it. He loved the way she called him ‘baby’ and he knew that she was aware of that fact. She only ever called him that when they were alone together, usually when they were in bed.

Releasing his earlobe, Maria kissed and nibbled on his jawline as she moved to his other ear but she stopped for a moment to kiss his lips. She’d only intended to pause there briefly but as was usually the case with them, she couldn’t stop at just one or two kisses. Their tongues entwined and their teeth nipped at each other’s lips.

“Maria...please...” Michael pleaded against her lips.

“Please what?” Reaching her destination, she repeated her earlier ministrations on his ear as she waited for his response.

“Take off the nightie. I want to see you...all of you...and feel your skin touching mine.”

“And what do I get in return?” She blew into his ear and smiled at his instant reaction.

“I’ll make you cum over and over and over again,” he promised turning his head to the side so he could look directly into her eyes. Just the thought of finally being able to climax sent a delicious shiver running throughout her body. “You haven’t cum since our fight, have you?”

Maria shook her head. “No,” she confessed quietly.

“Me either,” he admitted and he smiled at her. “Guess we’ve got some catching up to do then.”

Moving slowly towards each other, they shared a passionate kiss which sealed the deal.

“Yeah, I guess we do. Good job neither of us are working tomorrow.” She laughed softly.

He laughed along with her. “Hell yeah. So, are you going to untie me now?”

Moving to sit up and straddle him again, her melodic laugh rang out once more. “No way! I’ve got you right where I want you and the first thing you’re going to do is put that mouth to good use.”

“Is that so?” he teased.

“Uh huh.”

“Well seeing as I’m about to burst, how ‘bout you put yours to good use too. That way, I’ll last longer for round two.” He told her giving her a wink.

The thought of them mutually pleasuring each other with their mouths sent a jolt of pure lust through her overheated body and she nodded her agreement. Right now words failed her.

“Cat got your tongue?” He asked.

She smirked back at him. “Oh don’t worry, Spaceboy. You’ll be getting my tongue soon enough.” It looked like it was now his turn to be speechless and he burned with anticipation.

Leaning forward, Maria rubbed her fabric covered breasts against Michael’s chest before lowering her head and pressing her lips against his and kissing him deeply. When he felt her begin to withdraw, he quickly captured her lower lip between his lips and suckled on it encouraging her to stay put. Maria acquiesced and as they kissed, she trailed her fingernails up and down the inside of his arms which were still bound. She smiled against his mouth when she felt him tug on the scarves.

“C’mon Maria, untie me. I know how much you love me touching you...”

“Yeah, I do but I like you like this too.” Moving one leg so she was no longer straddling him, she shifted down a little before turning and placing her other leg astride him so she was now straddling him but facing his feet.


“Shhh.” Being careful of her high heels, she slowly crawled backwards until the lower half of her body was perched above Michael’s face. Reaching one hand down, she moved her panties to the side exposing her freshly waxed womanhood to him and patiently waited for his response.

Michael licked his lips as she revealed herself to him and without another coherent thought he raised up as best he could and began devouring her like a starving man. Licking her tiny slit from top to bottom, he then nuzzled her clit with his nose before flicking over it with his tongue. Repeating the action a few times, he continued by nibbling at her outer lips until the need to taste her more fully overcame him and he thrust his tongue deep inside her.

For balance, Maria was leaning forward with her hands resting on the tops of Michael’s thighs. Her hips were gyrating wildly as his lips, tongue and teeth worked their magic on her but that sudden invasion of his tongue deep within her had her screaming loudly and her nails embedded in his skin. She watched as his cock twitched with what she knew to be pleasure being well aware of the fact he liked the sharp feel of her nails digging into his body when they had sex.

Maria was on the brink of orgasm when he suddenly stopped and she screamed with frustration. “NO!! Please...Michael, I’m close,” she panted breathlessly.

“Why haven’t you started on me yet?” He queried before adding, “I thought we agreed to do this together.”

“We did, baby, but I want to try something else. Please let me...I know you’ll love it,” she told him.

Michael didn’t need to think about it for too long as he knew from experience that whatever Maria wanted to try was always well worth it. For both of them. “Okay, but do you promise to untie me after you’ve done it?” He trailed his tongue slowly up and down her slit as he waited for her reply and he felt her reaction all the way to his toes.

“I promise. Please Michael, hurry!” A second later Maria sighed with relief as he continued his oral assault on her body and it wasn’t long before she climaxed, resulting in a multitude of stars exploding behind her eyelids.

Once her body had calmed down and she had caught her breath, she carefully climbed off of Michael and turned herself around, snuggling into his side. Idly stroking a hand up and down his chest, she kissed his neck. “That was amazing, Spaceboy. Thank you.”

Turning his face to the side, he looked into her eyes and smiled. Dropping a kiss onto her nose, he said, “No need to thank me, it was my pleasure. Now how about you returning that pleasure? You’ve got me all curious about that thing you want to try out.”

Giving him a quick kiss on his lips, Maria sat up and got onto her knees beside him. “Okay, I just need to get rid of this first.” Grabbing the hem of her nightie, she pulled it up and over her head before tossing the garment to the floor.

Instinctively, Michael’s hands once again tugged on the scarves holding him captive as his eyes wandered up and down his girlfriend’s body taking in her beauty. All she wore now was the matching panties and her high heels and he was desperate to rip that last piece of material from her body. He had no objection to the shoes staying on. His eyes widened further as he watched her hands caressing over her body, cupping her breasts and tugging on the already hard nipples.

Maria kept her eyes trained on Michael’s as she touched herself. Letting her eyes wander south, she saw the precum leaking from the tip of his cock and reaching out, she collected the moisture on her thumb before bringing the digit to her mouth and licking it off.

“Oh god...Maria...” He moaned at the slight touch of her hand on his throbbing flesh and then on her erotically sucking on her thumb. “Please...”

“Please what?” She teased. “Don’t you like the show?”

“No, of course I like it. Hell, I love it but I need to feel your hands on me. I want you to make me cum.” He was practically begging and once again he pulled on his binds to no avail. Maybe he should use his powers to free himself, he thought.

“Okay, okay.” Maria climbed off the bed and walked over to where she’d left her bag.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m not going anywhere, sweetie. Just relax and enjoy,” she told him as she bent forward and retrieved a small bottle of massage oil. Turning to face him, she drizzled a small amount of the coconut and almond scented oil onto her breasts and slowly rubbed it into her skin making it glisten in the candlelight.

Michael stared at Maria open-mouthed and, if possible, his cock seemed to get even harder. He watched her head fall back and her tongue lick her lips as she got carried away with the feel of her hands massaging the oil into her breasts. As if just coming out of a trance, she sashayed to the foot of the bed and climbed back on. Using her oil slick hands, she caressed each of his feet in turn, sliding her hands up his legs and then his thighs. When her face was level with his hardness, she dropped a chaste kiss onto the tip and swiped her tongue over it collecting the moisture that had gathered there.

“Maria...please...” He was so close to the edge that he knew it wouldn’t take much to send him over it.

“Shhh baby, I’ve got you.” Seeing that his eyes were closed in concentration, she added, “Michael, I want you to look at me.” Less than a second later his eyes fluttered open and he watched as she shifted a little more so that her breasts were now level with his groin. He watched mesmerised as she stroked his cock between her full breasts, the combination of the massage oil and his precum making her glide up and down with ease. Right at that moment, he couldn’t remember anything having felt this good.

Each time Maria lowered herself, she placed a wet, sucking kiss on his stomach and on each upstroke she would return her eyes to his. The look of absolute total bliss etched on his face was worth everything, made all of the petty arguments they had worthwhile. God, if this was how they’d make up from now on, then they’d definitely have to fight more often. She chuckled to herself at the thought.

A few moments later Michael erupted with a long drawn out moan and Maria’s name on his lips. Once again she managed to blow him away when she shifted down slightly and took his now semi-erect penis into her mouth and cleaned him up. Her ministrations had him hard as a rock within seconds.

“Maria, that was...I mean, was out of this world.” His thoughts were a total jumble and he wasn’t even sure he knew what he was saying.

Suddenly feeling shy, she looked up at him through her lashes. “You liked it?”

“Sweetheart, I loved it. I love you,” he told her honestly. He wasn’t someone who normally used words of affection like sweetheart and if he did, it tended to be in a sarcastic tone. Lately though he’d found himself using them more often and in a non-sarcastic voice.

“I love you too,” she replied as she moved and once again straddled his waist. Leaning forward, she quickly untied each wrist, rubbing the flesh to get the circulation back before kissing each one gently. Michael used this to his advantage, raising himself up and capturing one of her nipples between his lips. He couldn’t help smirking at her gasp which soon turned into a sigh of relief.

“Yesss Michael...don’t stop. Please don’t stop. That feels so good.”

Switching to her other breast, he gave it the same treatment. Removing his hands from hers, he moved them to her back and rubbed her silky smooth skin. He help maneuver her so that she was now sitting up astride his cock and it was his turn to moan when she ground down on him. Cupping her face in his hands, he kissed her deeply, his tongue entangling with hers. Several minutes later he broke the kiss.

“Why didn’t you take your panties off when you stripped out of the nightie?”

She gave him what he could only describe as a naughty smile. “Because I wanted you to rip them off me. I’ve been in control most of tonight but I wanted you to be in control when they came off,” she confessed.

Michael licked his suddenly too dry lips and then he smirked. “Hmm, well let’s see what we can do about that.” Without another word, he flipped them over so that he was now on top and reaching down, he ripped the tiny panties from her body which elicited a loud gasp from Maria.

She watched him looking over her nude form and she shivered with anticipation. Without any prompting, she spread her legs for him and it was almost in slow motion that he moved over her, rubbing her outer lips and then nudging her clit with his cock. Slowly raising and rotating her hips, she rubbed herself on his hard flesh as he watched above her. Lowering himself, he planted kisses all over her face, throat and neck before moving up again and kissing her passionately.

Maria reluctantly broke the kiss as she felt her second orgasm of the night approaching and she needed to breathe in much needed air. She couldn’t believe that he wasn’t even inside her yet and she was on the verge of another powerful climax. “Michael, baby...please...please...” she muttered.

He stopped sucking on her neck and asked, “Please what?” That seemed to be the question of the night, he thought to himself with a smirk.

“Inside...put it inside me...please.” Her clear green eyes were begging him and he gave a small nod of agreement. He suckled on her pouty bottom lip as he reared back before thrusting inside her with one hard, deep stroke. The loud scream that tore through her entire being was muffled by his mouth suddenly covering hers. Their sweat soaked skin slid against each other’s as they met each other thrust for thrust and it wasn’t long before they came together.

It was much later and while they were snuggling that Michael suddenly burst out laughing. Maria, who’s head was resting on his chest, looked up at him. “What? What’s so funny?”

“I guess I should say thanks for keeping the heels on.” At her confused look, he gestured with his head to her feet and she turned to see what he was referring to. They had made love several times that night and through it all Maria’s shoes had stayed on even when they were both spent and were on the verge of falling asleep.

Kissing him on the nose, she smiled. “Spaceboy, you’re more than welcome.”

The End


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