Lose My Breath

Category: M&M
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: Nope, I donít own a thing.
Summary: Just a little ficlet set during Season 1 after Sexual Healing but before all the Four Square stuff happens.


As he read his menu, Michael couldn’t help glancing up and watching Maria as she served the customers in her section. Even though it was the latter part of her shift, she somehow still managed to look fresh and alert. However, he would put money on the fact that her feet were probably killing her.

He watched her walk towards him and he quickly averted his eyes back to his menu and concentrated on the words in front of him despite knowing everything on it off by heart.

“What can I get you?” Maria asked, her pen poised just above her pad as she waited for him to answer.

Looking up at her, his eyes met hers and their dazzling green colour took his breath away. His mouth suddenly felt dry and he licked his lips to give them moisture. “Uh, can I have a cherry Coke and a piece of chocolate fudge cake?”

She nodded as she wrote down his order. “Anything else?” There was silence so raising her eyes from her pad, she looked at him and saw his mouth was curled up in his usual smirk. “Nuh huh buddy, you can take that look off your face. I’m having a girls’ night with Liz so that is off the menu.”

“Come on, can’t you hang out with her another night? We could rent a movie and watch it at my place.”

“Hmm, we could but I know better and it would probably just get added to the list of movies we never get to see ‘cos we’re too busy doing...” she paused to look around and make sure no one was listening before adding, “...other stuff.”

“I never hear you complaining. In fact, the noises you make are pretty much the opposite of complaining,” he teased.

“Shhh. Look, I promised Liz I’d help her find an outfit for her date with Max tomorrow night so I can’t just cancel on her now.”

“What? Does that take all night?”

“Typical guy,” Maria mumbled to herself. “Just think Michael, tomorrow’s my night off and we’ll have more time to, uh, you know.” Goosebumps broke out onto her skin in anticipation.

Michael could see the blatant lust in her eyes and he felt a shiver run through his body. All he wanted to do was grab her, throw her down onto the table and ravish her. Unfortunately, the restaurant was still fairly busy and he had a feeling the other customers would object.

“Okay,” he finally said, his voice husky with desire.

“Okay,” she agreed with a smile. “I’d better get back and put your order in. Oh, and I’ll bring you a new bottle of Tabasco.”

The smirk on his face seemed to grow as he watched her walk away, her hips swaying from side to side. Tomorrow night couldn’t come quick enough but in the meantime...


Maria was getting Michael’s order ready but before she took it over to his table, she quickly ducked into the back room. Leaning with her back against the row of lockers, she closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. Her heart was racing which was a familiar feeling whenever the spiky haired alien was around. Ever since that morning in his apartment when she had confessed her reason for lying about having the flashes, things had vastly improved between them. They still had their moments but it all added to the excitement of their tempestuous relationship.

Turning around, she opened her locker and dug around for her cherry lip balm. Smoothing some on, she smacked her lips together to evenly distribute it and she was just about to close her locker door when she felt a hand wrap around her wrist. She immediately knew who it was but she couldn’t help gasping anyway. Tugging on her arm, he pulled her into the employees’ bathroom before locking the door.

“Michael? What are you doing?”

He watched her lips moving and he couldn’t resist a moment longer. Pushing her up against the nearest wall, he seized her lips with his and kissed her long and hard. Even though she had initially protested, she moaned when he broke the kiss too soon for her liking and he couldn’t help smiling.

“I can’t wait until tomorrow night so I figured tonight didn’t have to be a total bust,” he finally replied.

Maria couldn’t help the grin that crept onto her face at his words and she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in closer. “I like your thinking but I’m still working. They’re gonna wonder where I’ve disappeared to.”

“I don’t care,” he told her defiantly before covering her mouth again with his. His hands, which were resting on her waist, moved down to her hips and then lower still to her thighs where he hoisted her up and hooked her legs around his waist.

Michael sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and nibbled on it before repeating the action with her top lip. He growled into her mouth when he felt her fingers running through his hair and her nails scraping along his scalp. Moving one of his hands up her body, he popped the buttons on her uniform and slid his hand inside to knead one of her breasts.

Breaking the kiss, Maria panted for air and sighed loudly when she felt his lips latch onto her neck. Her body seemed to heat up even more as he alternately cupped and massaged her breasts and sucked on her skin. She really wished she hadn’t arranged to help Liz because all she wanted to do was go with Michael to his apartment and be alone without any interruptions.

Michael vocalized his frustration with another growl as he found that Maria’s bra wasn’t a front fastening one and so instead, he pulled the cups down freeing her breasts to his gaze. Lowering his head, he captured an erect nipple between his lips and suckled it gently. Her hand which had been rubbing the back of his neck, suddenly gripped it and she dug her nails into the skin. The added bite made him grind his arousal against her even more and she cried out.

“Oh...oh god...”

He quickly covered her mouth with his to muffle her sounds but unfortunately, it was too late. The knock at the door made them freeze and they stood there staring at each other.

“Maria? Are you in there?”

Leaning his forehead against hers, Michael couldn’t help smirking. Of course, it would be Liz who interrupted them. If not her, then it would have been Max.

“What are you smirking for? How am I going to get out of this one?” Maria whispered.

He ignored her question and kissed her softly before unwrapping her legs from around his waist and placing her back on the floor. She stared at him as he quickly put her clothes back together but she couldn’t help enjoying how he was taking care of her.

“Just tell her you weren’t feeling well and I came to see how you were doing.”

“I don’t like lying to my best friend, Michael...”

“I know,” he quickly interrupted. “But it’s either that or tell her what we were really doing in here and have her report back to Max.”

She frowned but nodded, knowing what he was saying was true. “Okay. But I’m still hanging out with her tonight.”

“You mean my actions didn’t persuade you otherwise,” he teased.

“Don’t worry, your powers of persuasion haven’t failed you. I’d like nothing more than to go your place after my shift but you know I’d face a barrage of twenty questions if I bail on her at the last minute.”

“Yeah, I know. But we’re definitely on for tomorrow night, right?”

Cupping his cheek in the palm of her hand, she said, “You just try and keep me away.”

“Is everything okay in there?” Liz’s voice came through the door again.

Putting on a quiet, timid voice, Maria called out, “I’ll be out in a minute, Liz. I’m not feeling so good.”

Michael bit his lip to prevent himself from laughing. “You’re really good.”

“Thank you,” she replied with a little curtsey. Going over to the sink, she splashed her face with some cold water and looking into the mirror, she checked to make sure she looked okay. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips were a little swollen but hopefully Liz wouldn’t notice anything untoward.

Taking a deep breath, she walked over and opened the door and came face to face with Liz. “I’m sorry about that, Liz, but I came over all faint when I was in the restaurant.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. You’re feeling better now though, right? I mean, you’ll still be able to stay over and help me find something to wear for my date?”

Michael rolled his eyes at the brunette’s selfishness and he felt a pang of something he couldn’t quite name for Maria.

“Yeah, I’m feeling much better. Uh, Michael was taking care of me.” She gestured to her boyfriend who was standing just out of her best friend’s sight.

“That was nice of him. Well, we’d better get back to work, Maria. It’s still pretty busy out there,” she said before walking back into the seating area.

Shaking his head, he was about to say something when Maria turned around and placed a finger over his lips.

“Don’t say anything. She’s just happy and excited about her date, that’s all.”

“I wasn’t going to say anything,” he lied. “Except that is, to ask you what movie you want me to rent tomorrow.”

“Uh huh,” she laughed. “Let’s skip the movie and just hang out. Like I said before, we probably won’t watch it anyway.”

He smiled broadly. “You won’t see me arguing. I’ll order us some Chinese and we can take it from there.”

“Sounds great. C’mon, let’s get back out there before we get rumbled by Miss Parker. You still want your cake?”

“Hell yeah. If I’m not seeing you tonight, I’ll have to find a substitute sweet fix to satisfy my craving, won’t I?”

Michael watched as the smile on Maria’s face grew even more and smiling back at her, he took her hand and led her back into the restaurant. No more words were necessary.

The End


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