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This is an ongoing collection of ficlets, some tags, some AU. All were written for the Letter_love community at Livejournal.

A is for Anticipation   *teen*
Summary: Electricity crackles in the air and the tension is palpable…

D is for Dirty   *mature*
Summary: Maria’s thoughts on a certain aspect of her and Michael’s relationship…

F is for Frantic   *adult, AU*
Summary: An AU little scenario that popped into my dirty little mind…

H is for Heatwave   *adult*
Summary: Maria's take on that night in the Crashdown.

R is for Rain   *teen*
Summary: Michael’s thoughts and feelings during that scene in ‘Independence Day’.

W is for Wanted   *adult*
Summary: Maria has a surprise in store for Michael…

Y is for Yes (aka A Perfect Christmas)   *adult*
Summary: “Oh, wait, is this something you didn’t want me to open in front of my Mom and Jim?”