H is for Heatwave

Category: M&M
Rating: adult
Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own a thing!
Summary: Maria's take on that night in the Crashdown.
Author's Note: Written for the Letter_Love LJ community.


The sweat slowly trickles down the column of your neck due to the oppressive and unseasonable heat wave that is currently running through the dusty town. The electric fans and air conditioning just aren't cutting it right now and all you feel like doing is throwing down the broom you're currently sweeping the diner's floor with and going home to have a long, cool shower.

Pausing for a moment, you run the front of your arm along your forehead in an attempt to wipe away the sweat you can feel there and just before you continue with your sweeping, you happen to glance up and that's when you see him standing outside the entrance. Time seems to freeze as you both stand and stare at each other and almost like a magnetic pull, you feel your feet start to move of their own volition and before you know it, you've unlocked the door and with what feels to be like slow motion, you see that he's opened the door and is crossing the threshold.

Your arms slide around his neck, your fingers idly playing with the hair at the nape and your face moves towards his as his lowers to meet yours.

Once your lips meet, the kiss is fiery hot and your rising body temperature feels like it's about to blow your head off. Parting your lips, his tongue slips inside your mouth to stroke against your own and it feels incredible. His taste is a mixture of sweet and spicy and it immediately reminds you of the first kiss the two of you shared right here in the Crashdown not that long ago.

Stumbling further into the diner, he lifts you up with one arm which for some reason turns you on more than you ever thought it could. Who knows, maybe it's a primal thing or something… In this very moment you couldn't care less what the reasons are for it because the sensations he's creating inside of you are all you can focus on.

The crashing of the counter's items as they fall to the floor barely register because in the next instant he's carrying you somewhere else and before you know it, you're lying on the floor, his arm under your head to cushion it while the rest of his body is on top of yours as his lips devour your mouth and then your neck.

After removing his arm from where it rests underneath your head, his hands are then everywhere at once, stroking every piece of uncovered skin before slipping underneath your turquoise tank top and caressing your tummy. The slight roughness of his palms and fingers feels amazing as his touches become more daring and the moans you were suppressing beforehand are now unleashed, especially when one of his hands cups you through the red lacy bra you're wearing. Your erect nipples are aching as they rub against the lace fabric and it adds something extra to what you're already feeling.

His mouth is suddenly on yours and you know it's partly to muffle the sounds you're making so that nobody upstairs can hear you but you don't care. Your own hands wander over his T-shirt clad shoulders and back before your fingers once again bury themselves into his spiky yet surprisingly soft hair. Tilting your head to one side, you give him greater access when he buries his face in the nook between your neck and shoulder and sucks on it. It doesn't take a genius to know that you're going to be sporting some pretty interesting marks tomorrow and that you'll be digging your turtleneck out of your closet to wear to school despite the intolerable heat.

Without thinking about what you're doing, you wrap your legs around his waist and you can feel his hardness pressing against you and you find yourself undulating your hips and grinding against him. Your mouth falls open in a silent scream as with a combination of his lips, teeth and tongue, not to mention his wandering hands, you're on the verge of experiencing your first orgasm that isn't thanks to your own hand.

Hearing the rasping sound of the zipper on your denim shorts being drawn down, you hold your breath as you anticipate his next move and you can't help but gasp when his hand slowly slips inside and begins stroking you through the silk of your matching red panties. Your hips move in time with his hand and you bite your lip so hard when he pulls the fabric aside and touches your bare, wet flesh for the very first time that you make yourself bleed. The feelings only intensify when he slips first one, then two fingers deep inside of you and begins thrusting them in and out. He uses a slow rhythm at first but the pace soon increases.

His rich, dark eyes are watching you intensely and when he sees the drop of blood pooled on your bottom lip, he swoops in and licks it away before licking over the little wound with his tongue. Your hand immediately goes to the back of his head to keep in place as it's now your turn to kiss him senseless and you're happy when he moans into your mouth. One of your hands wanders south and you cup him through his jeans and you're even happier when his moan turns into a deep growl.

Your body feels like one hot, sweaty mass but you don't care. This feels too incredible for words and the only thing you want in that moment is for him to make you come. It's not long now, you can feel the swirling sensations in the pit of your belly getting stronger and stronger and hearing him chanting your name right beside your ear is spurring you on.

Suddenly, everything seems to explode right before your eyes as you fall over the edge. Multicoloured fireworks and bright white lights in a midnight blue sky are everywhere and thunder is roaring through your ears. Your body is still aware of the fact that his fingers, although no longer inside you, are still caressing you and your body is slowly calming down.

As you continue to lie there, he readjusts your underwear and then refastens your shorts and looking into his eyes, you expect to see regret in them but you don't. All you see is pure, unadulterated lust and your breath catches in your throat.

You feel you should say something; you want to say something but your mind is one big blur in that moment so instead you give him what you hope is a smile and in return, he gives you that smirk of his which used to drive you insane but now is something you can't get enough of. He inches towards you and you meet him halfway, sharing another sizzling kiss which has the ability to grow out of control very fast.

His thumb traces your lips and with one final kiss to them, he stands up and moves towards the door. Once there, he glances back at you and this time it's more of a smile than a smirk that he graces you with and you can't help but smile back.

You have no idea what's going to happen between you from this point on, but as he opens the door and leaves, you can't help but hope that something will.

The End


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