F is for Frantic

Category: M&M
Rating: adult
Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own a thing!
Summary: An AU little scenario that popped into my dirty little mind…
Author's Note: Written for the Letter_Love LJ community.


Michael's fingers gripped her hips as he carried Maria over to the dining room table. There was no way in hell he was making it all the way upstairs to their bedroom and anyway, they were up against the clock what with her mom due to arrive at any moment bringing their kids back home.

“M-Michael…please…” She begged as her fingers impatiently began pulling at his belt, trying to unfasten the buckle.

Pushing her hands aside, he made short work of undoing it before he popped the button on his pants and then unzipped them. He mentally patted himself on the back for not bothering with underwear that morning and once his pants were pushed down to his knees, he quickly slipped his hands under her skirt and ripped her panties away. The loud gasp that she released served to turn him on even more and he felt himself thicken further if that was possible.

Maria moaned when she felt his long fingers caressing her bare flesh, making sure she was wet enough. As if he needed to bother doing that, she thought to herself, a tiny smirk gracing her lips. Her blouse was already unbuttoned, as was his resulting from their prior escapade in the kitchen, so when he leant over her and she felt his firm chest rubbing against her braless breasts, she sighed with blissful pleasure.

His mouth was on hers, suckling on her bottom lip before repeating the motion with her top one. Her hands gripped his thick, shaggy hair, burying her fingers in it while at the same time holding him steady as she thrust her tongue into his mouth. She felt his erection pressing against her and shifting her position beneath him, she managed to have him touching her right where she wanted him to.

Michael, without breaking the kiss, wrapped a hand around his cock and stroked himself a couple of times before placing it at her entrance. Finally breaking the kiss, he watched her heavy-lidded eyes as he stroked back and forth against her wet lower lips preparing her for what was to come.

“Dammit Michael! Put it inside me,” she begged before adding, “We don't have time for teasing.”

He gave her his patented smirk and although he knew she was speaking the truth, he couldn't resist repeating the action a few more times before he finally thrust his cock deep inside of her.

Maria's hands, which were now on his shoulders, gripped them hard and she knew she was probably drawing half moon crescents on his skin through the shirt. The feeling of him embedded deep inside of her never ceased to amaze her and she kept her eyes firmly fixed on his as he pounded into her repeatedly. She cried out on every down-stroke since his position meant that his pubic bone rubbed against her clit in the most delicious way and she knew it wasn't going to take long for her to come.

Lips met and tongues tangled wetly as they each fought for their own climax and when Maria's hit not long after, her legs which were wrapped tightly around his hips, squeezed him even more and she heard him groan against her neck where he was currently sucking on her skin while one of his large hands kneaded her breast.

Michael's pace didn't decrease even though he knew she had just come. Instead, it quickened further and he smiled against her skin when she cried out again when another orgasm hit and with just a few more strokes, he fell over the edge and joined her.

As their bodies slowly calmed down, he kissed a path up from her neck to her cheek and finally arrived at her lips. The kiss would have gone on for much longer if it weren't for the sudden ringing of the telephone interrupting them.

“You'd better answer that,” Maria told him in a breathless whisper as her fingers stroked across the back of his neck.

“I know,” he replied and, reluctantly, he withdrew from her body and pulling his pants up, he tucked himself back into them as he walked over to where the telephone was situated.

“Hello? Oh, hi…”

While Michael spoke on the phone, Maria pulled herself up into a sitting position and began straightening her clothes. She had almost done up the last button on her shirt when he came back over to her, a big grin etched on his face.

“What's with the smile, Spaceboy?”

“That was Amy. She wanted to know if it was okay for the kids to stay over there tonight. Apparently, Jim promised them a movie followed by pizza for dinner.”

Maria's face broke out into a smile matching her husband's as she realised what this meant. “What did you tell her?”

“Do you even need to ask?” Capturing her lips with his, he kissed her long and slow while his hands roamed all over her, unbuttoning her shirt all over again but this time removing it completely. He placed his hands on her hips and once again, picked her up and her legs automatically wrapped around him.

She giggled at his eagerness. “You're so transparent,” she teased.

“I know. I should really work on that, huh?”

Instead of answering him, she cupped his face between her palms and kissed him back, slipping her tongue past his lips to duel with his.

Michael slanted his head so he could deepen the kiss and as he did so, he stumbled out of the dining room with her in his arms and made his way into the living room where he placed her on the couch before stripping off his clothes and climbing on top of her.

“So much for frantic sex, huh?” she joked.

“Oh, I don't know. Those two times just now were pretty frantic but I'm definitely in the mood now for something long and slow.”

His husky voice sent shivers up and down her spine and she nodded her head. “Oh, me too.”

“Anyway, Amy said she'd drop the kids back around ten tomorrow so we can have another crack at frantic at say, nine-fifty. What do you say?” he offered.

“Mmm, sounds great but for the moment, let's get started on that long and slow you were just talking about,” she replied while giving him a saucy wink before pushing herself up and seizing his lips once again.

The End


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