A is for Anticipation

Category: M&M
Rating: teen
Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own a thing!
Summary: Electricity crackles in the air and the tension is palpable…
Author's Note: Set sometime during early Season 3.
Written for the Letter_Love LJ community.


Their lips are a hair's breadth apart as their eyes lock and they each let the anticipation of the soon-to-happen kiss flow through them. Electricity crackles in the air and the tension is palpable. Fingers literally itch and burn to touch the other's skin and finally they give in.

Michael's lips move that little bit faster though and softly land upon Maria's who immediately parts them and gives his tongue access to the warm cavern of her mouth. The kiss is fiery in nature and they can't contain their moans at finally having their lips joined.

Raising her hands up to his face, Maria cups his cheeks and holds his head steady as she suckles on his lips in turn before slipping her tongue inside to explore the contours of his mouth. The feel of his hand slowly moving up from her waist has her holding her breath as she anticipates his next move and when he palms her breast, she voices her pleasure in a soft gasp.

One of her hands slides from his face down to his shoulder and she grips it tightly and takes a step towards him, bringing their bodies into even closer contact. Breaking the kiss, her breath comes in heavy pants as she fills her lungs with air and tilting her head to one side, she gives him greater access to her neck where his head is currently resting. She shivers when he begins dropping moist, open-mouthed kisses there while his fingers start unbuttoning her shirt.

It doesn't take a genius to know that she should stop him before things go even further, that doing this in the Eraser Room at school is wrong…but damn if it doesn't feel good.

Maria's fingers tangle in Michael's thick shaggy hair as his mouth continues to work its magic on her overheated flesh. God, spending her lunch break doing this is sooo much better than spending it eating lunch in the crowded cafeteria or quad, she thinks to herself before his lips find hers again and all thought leaves her mind.

“We have to stop,” she whispers breathlessly, her eyes managing to find his in the dark of the room.

“Why?” His lips are curved up into a smirk before they once again urgently press against hers.

“You know why, Michael.” She traces her fingers along his strong jaw-line as she smiles back at him. “The bell is about to ring and I've got a quiz next period that I can't miss.”

Releasing a heavy sigh, Michael nods his head in acknowledgement. “Yeah, damn school getting in the way of this.” His voice is teasing and it causes her to laugh.

“I know, it's so unfair.” Threading her fingers through his hair, she angles his head towards her and kisses him hungrily, knowing that they'll have to part soon and go their separate ways. When the need for air becomes an issue, she draws back and whispers, “Come over to my place tonight. My Mom's away until Tuesday so…”

He crushes his mouth against hers at hearing that little piece of news and only pulls away when his lungs start to burn from lack of air. Finding time to be alone together hasn't exactly been easy lately thanks to his best friend crashing on his couch so knowing they'll get to spend the weekend together makes his day… Hell, it makes his week. When he goes to kiss her again, she giggles and moves away from him.


“C'mon, we've got class to get to and besides, the anticipation just makes it so much sweeter, don't you agree?”

Grabbing her, he kisses her again before releasing her and swatting her lightly on the ass. “True, but you know you're going to pay for teasing me all day.”

Maria returns his smirk. “Oh yeah, of that I have no doubt,” she says before opening the door and after making sure the coast is clear, practically skipping through it, her boyfriend following a few steps behind, an uncharacteristic smile stretched across his face.

The End


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