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Knight of the Road   *AU, NC-17*
Summary: Let's just say that Maria gets 'rescued'.....

The Club   *AU, NC-17*
Summary: Naughty goings on at a local club.....

Boys' Locker Rooms Can Be Fun   *NC-17*
Summary: Michael and Maria find that you can have fun at school.

The CrashDown Can be Fun Too   *NC-17*
Summary: This takes place a week or so after "Boys' Locker Rooms Can Be Fun" but there's no need to have read that to understand this fic.

Tonight's The Night   *AU, NC-17*
Summary: Michael takes Maria on a date to show her just what she means to him.

Don't You Know Who I Am?   *AU, NC-17*
Summary: What happens when two opposites get thrown together on a long journey? Intrigued? Read on to find out.

In Between   *AU, NC-17*
Summary: This is in response to an idea that Val came up with when us RCWW girls were chatting about the recent blackout that hit the US and Canada. Special thanks go to Sherry for coming up with the title - it's so much better than the cheesy one I came up with.

Dressing Up Is For Girls   *AU, PG-13*
Summary: Michael and Maria take their twins trick or treating.

Coming Home To You   *R*
Summary: My spin on what I'd have liked to have seen happen when Maria returned from Vermont with Liz and Max.

Confession   *R*
Summary: Tag to WDAMYK continuing on from my fic, 'Coming Home To You'.

A Professional Relationship   *AU, NC-17*
Summary: Michael is 26 years old, single and has recently set up his own investigation business, ‘Guerin Investigations.’ Maria is 24 years old, single and has been working as Michael’s PA for the past 6 months. M&M’s relationship has so far been strictly professional, although there is a strong attraction between them.

First Time for Everything   *AU, NC-17*
Summary: Maria’s relationship with her brother’s best friend changes...

Naughty Girl   *NC-17*
Summary: Maria has a craving for a fix...of Michael.

Fate's Deception   *AU, NC-17, in progress*
Summary: This story is in response to Kara's (Ninil's) challenge which can be found HERE.

Lose My Breath   *PG-15*
Summary: Just a little ficlet set during Season 1 after Sexual Healing but before all the Four Square stuff happens.

Crazier   *R*
Summary: What may have happened had Max, Liz and the gang not interrupted M&M's hot make-out scene at the beginning of Crazy.

Haunting Me   *PG-15*
Summary: Michael and Maria deal with the aftermath of a particularly bad argument.

The Best Part Is The Unwrapping   *NC-17*
Summary: Michael surprises Maria for Christmas.

Endless Summer Nights   *NC-17*
Summary: This is in response to Vera’s (xgirl22’s) Hawaii challenge, the requirements of which can be found at the top of the fic.

Turning The Tables   *Adult (NC-17)*
Summary: How much teasing can Michael stand?

A Perfect Christmas   *Adult*
Summary: “Oh, wait, is this something you didn’t want me to open in front of my Mom and Jim?”

Letter Love Fics   *Teen - Adult*
Summary: An ongoing collection of ficlets, some tags, some AU. Various ratings.