Haunting Me

Category: M&M, AU
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: Nope, I donít own a thing!
Summary: Michael and Maria deal with the aftermath of a particularly bad argument.
Author's Note: This is just a stand alone AU fic that doesn't really follow the Roswell timeline.

I got the idea for the story from hearing an old song called 'You're Haunting Me' by V Capri, the lyrics to which will be posted at the end of the second part.


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Part One

It had been a little over a month since Michael had last had a good night’s sleep. He could pinpoint the exact moment sleep began to elude him; the night of his and Maria’s worst fight. Truth be told, he couldn’t remember what the fight had actually been about, only that it had been brewing for a few days and it had just taken the wrong thing said at the wrong time for the explosion to finally occur. They hadn’t spoken since and had taken great pains to avoid each other.

Michael stared at the TV, the bright colours on the screen illuminating the dark living room. Where he used to enjoy watching it, now it merely served as a tool providing background noise to break the unbearable silence which filled his apartment.

His eyes darted around the room, eventually landing on the telephone situated on the table in front of him and his fingers itched to pick it up. Each time he’d felt the urge, he had managed to quash the feeling but there had been a couple of occasions when he’d given in to temptation and dialled her number. He knew from the sad tone of her voice that the break-up was affecting her just as badly as it was affecting him and he desperately wanted to say something, but the words caught in his throat and he quickly disconnected. The fear he felt at her possibly telling him she wanted nothing more to do with him was eating away at him and he knew that hearing those words would be totally devastating.

Their break up was affecting him more than he had ever thought it would. There was no doubt in his mind about the depth of his feelings for Maria, he was as head over heels in love with her as he had been from the moment they had met, but for some strange reason he hadn’t thought about how he would feel should the relationship end. All he knew was that he couldn’t have ever imagined it hurting this bad.

Michael had plodded along in the days and weeks following the fight but when his boss had called him into his office to ask him if he was okay, he realised that he wasn’t coping at all and so he decided to use up some vacation time he had owing to him. Now, instead of getting up each morning to go to work, he just spent each day brooding around his apartment.

Leaning forward, he grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniels off the table and took a swig from it, his face screwing up as the liquid burned a path down his throat. He had never been a big drinker but since that night he’d found himself trying to numb the pain he felt in his chest and the strong alcohol seemed to be helping. That and aiding him get an hour or two of untroubled sleep. Whenever he closed his eyes when he hadn’t had a drink, all he saw was Maria’s tear-stained face and the tightness in his chest resumed. He hated seeing her cry and even more, he hated being the reason for her tears.

They hadn’t officially been living together but most nights she slept over at his place. However, from the moment they had fought he hadn’t been able to bring himself to sleep in the bed they shared. The only time he went into his bedroom was to get fresh clothes out of his closet and lately he wasn’t even doing that. It had been a couple of days since he had had a shower or a shave. He just didn’t seem motivated to do anything other than just sit on his couch and stare into space.


“We’ve got to do something, Max.” Isabel said to her brother. “He’s still not answering the door or his phone.”

Max shook his head. “Maybe he’s gone away for a few days. I mean, we know that he’s taken some time off work.”

“He hasn’t gone away. I went by there again last night after work and I could hear the TV blaring. I was practically pounding on his door but he wouldn’t answer. It’s really worrying me.”

Rubbing a hand over his face, he nodded at her. “I know, it’s worrying me too. He hasn’t been opening the door to me either.” He took a deep breath before saying, “Do you, uh, think that Maria would be willing to go and see him?”

Isabel sighed. “I don’t know. This latest fight seems to be worse than all the others they’ve had and I don’t know if she would be willing to be the one to make the first move.”

“You could go and see her.”

“Why does it have to be me? She’s your friend too.”

It was Max’s turn to sigh. “Yeah, but you’re a woman. She might find it easier to talk to you about whatever happened between her and Michael.”

“Okay, fine. But if I’m going to do that, then you can go to Michael’s and see if he’ll let you in this time.”

“Uh, you know what? I’ll go and talk to Maria.”

“Oh no you don’t. Look, maybe he’ll be more willing to talk to you.”

“Yeah right. You don’t believe that for a second, do you?”

Isabel couldn’t help smiling. “Nope. But you could try.”

Looking into his sister’s eyes, Max saw the hopeful look in them and he slowly nodded. “Yeah, I can try.”


When Maria finally opened the door, Isabel couldn’t stop the gasp that had risen in her throat from escaping. The blonde looked even smaller than she usually did and there were dark circles under her eyes. She was dressed in a baggy pair of grey sweats and a Metallica T-shirt that was obviously Michael’s. Isabel took that as a positive sign.

“Hi Maria, can I come in?”

“I, uh, I’m a bit busy now and...”

“Please? I need to talk to you. It’s about Michael.”

Maria’s eyes which had been looking at the floor quickly shot up to look at Isabel’s face when Michael’s name was mentioned. “What about him? Is he okay?”

“That’s just it, we don’t know. He’s holed himself up in his apartment and he won’t answer the door to anyone.”

Seeing the desperation in her friend’s eyes, she took a step back and opened the door wider allowing her to enter. “I...I’m sorry for the mess but things have been...” she trailed off.

“It’s okay. How are you?”

Taking a deep breath, Maria tried to pull herself together. “I’m fine, busy but fine.”

“Right. I...erm...I’ve called a few times and left messages but I haven’t heard anything from you.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that but like I said I’ve been really busy. Take a seat and I’ll go and make some tea.”

“No, don’t do that. Just come and sit with me.”

Maria stood there for a moment contemplating what to do before she went over and took a seat beside Isabel on the couch. “So, you haven’t seen him then?”

Isabel shook her head. “No. I’ve been over to his place several times but he won’t answer the door and he hasn’t replied to any of the messages I’ve left on his machine. I called his work the other day and they told me he’s taken some time off. He’s not due back there for another week.”

“Maybe he’s gone away,” she suggested although she knew it was unlikely.

“No, he hasn’t. I went over there last night and his TV was blaring, as it has been every time I’ve called round. I’m surprised his neighbours haven’t complained about the noise.”

“Oh. Well, I’m sure he’s okay.” She said in a quiet voice.

“Michael’s not okay, Maria, and neither are you. Look at you, you look awful.”

“Gee, thanks Isabel,” she said sarcastically before adding, “I-I can’t talk about this...not now. I’m sure he’s okay and just wants some space, like I do.”

“I haven’t seen him in over a week and I’m worried about him. And I’m worried about you too.”

“I’m fine.”

“You are not fine,” Isabel told her in a loud exasperated voice. “I came over here hoping I could persuade you to go and see him, find out for certain that he’s okay but you’re obviously not prepared to do that so I might as well go. You know where I am if you want to talk about anything.” Getting up from her seat, the blonde gave Maria a final look before walking towards the front door.

“Isabel wait. I-I’m sorry. I know you care about us and I’m grateful but we are adults.”

“Well, neither of you are acting like adults by hiding away in your apartments. Have the two of you actually broken up or are you just fighting?” She asked as she turned to lean her back against the wall so she was facing her friend.

Maria’s eyes dropped to the floor before she responded. “I, um, I don’t know.”

Isabel stared at her friend incredulously. “You’re kidding me! How can you not know? What the hell was your fight about this time?”

For some weird reason, Maria couldn’t help chuckling at the realisation of what she was about to say. “I don’t know. What the hell am I doing, Isabel? I’m sitting here all angry and upset and I don’t know what the damn reason is. All I know is that things had been weird between us for a few days and then one of us said something and kaboom. The shit hit the fan and we just started yelling at each other.”

“And you don’t know why?” Isabel shook her head in disbelief at what she had just been told. “You two are seriously warped, you know that.”

“Yep, it sure looks that way,” she said before getting serious. “Um, I know you said you haven’t seen him for a week but how was he the last time you saw him?”

Isabel sobered up at hearing her friend’s question. “Not good. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days and I know this probably sounds strange but he looked thinner somehow. Like he hadn’t been eating.”

“Did he say anything to you about what happened between us?”

“No. When I asked him he refused to talk about it.”

“You really think he’ll let me in?” Maria asked nervously. The thought that he might refuse to open the door, or even worse shut it in her face, made her stomach turn.

“I know he’ll let you in, Maria. He’s a mess without you.”

Maria nodded in understanding. She was a mess without him too. “I guess I’d better get over there, then.”

Isabel smiled. “Thank you. Would you like me to come with you?”

“No, that’s okay.” Standing up, she went over to the tall blonde and hugged her. “Thanks for coming over. I really needed that kick up the ass.”

“You’re very welcome,” she said laughing. “Will you let me know how it goes?”

“Sure, I’ll give you a call tomorrow. I’d better get ready.”

“Okay. Good luck.”

“Thanks Iz, I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna need it.”


Max and Isabel were having some dinner at the Crashdown after their respective visits to Michael and Maria.

“So, she’s going to see him tonight?” He asked after taking a drink of his soda.

“Uh huh. She’s probably on her way there now,” she told him. “What did Michael say when you saw him?”

“Nothing ‘cos he didn’t open the door to me. He was definitely in there because I could hear the damn TV turned up again. Before I left I shouted out to him that Maria was going to be paying him a visit so he might want to take a shower.”

“Wha-what are you talking about? And how did you know that I’d get her to agree?”

“C’mon Iz, you know how he gets after one of their fights. He doesn’t shower, he doesn’t clean, he doesn’t...”

“Okay, okay, I get it. Well, let’s hope he’s at least taken a shower before she arrives. We don’t want him frightening her away with any nasty smells.”

“Hey, some of us are trying to eat here.”

“Sorry,” Isabel said laughing as her brother dropped his unfinished burger onto his plate. “Seriously though, how did you know she’d agree to go and see him?”

Trying to think of a good answer, he finally settled upon one. “I had faith in my big sister.”

“Uh huh,” she replied, throwing one of her fries at him before starting to laugh again.

Part Two

After Isabel had gone, Maria took a quick shower before getting dressed in her favourite low rise jeans and a dark pink, slash neck sweater. Her hair was pulled up into a ponytail and she applied a soft pink colour to her lips. Grabbing her jacket and keys, she then drove over to Michael’s apartment and was now sitting parked across from his building.

Any other time, she would have been out of the car and already at his door within a few short minutes but now...now she was trying to pluck up her courage to do what she’d done so many times before. What if he refused to open the door to her? Okay, so she had the key he had given her but it didn’t feel right letting herself in after what had happened.

Maria continued to sit there for a few more minutes until finally she took one last deep breath and then opened the car door and stepped out. The walk between the car and his apartment was a very slow one as she tried to avoid seeing him for a bit longer. That wasn’t quite true, she did want to see him but she was just scared of what would happen when she saw him after all this time.

Once at his door, she stared at it before eventually raising her hand and knocking.


Michael was just finishing up in the bathroom when he heard the knock at the door and he froze at the sound. When he had heard Max’s last words to him through his door earlier that night, he hadn’t totally believed him about her coming over but feeling more and more fidgety as the minutes ticked by, he had finally gotten up to take a shower. He told himself he was just trying to relax himself but deep down he knew it was for another reason altogether, especially when he decided to have a shave as well.

Grabbing a clean T-shirt, he pulled it on over his head and straightened it out as he walked towards his front door. Taking a deep breath, he opened it and for the first time in six weeks he saw Maria. He couldn’t help noticing how small she looked standing on his doorstep, using her hair to help shield her face from him. However, when she glanced up at him he saw the nervousness etched on her face and took in how her green eyes seemed to have lost their usual sparkle.

“Uh, hi.” Maria said, her hands twisting together nervously. Her eyes met his for a brief moment before quickly looking down again and focusing on the floor. “I guess I should have called first or something but, uh, I...”

For the first time in weeks, the tightness in Michael’s chest seemed to lessen and he felt like he could breathe easier. Listening to her familiar babbling, he couldn’t help it when his lips curled up in a small smirk. “Do you want to come in?” He asked, opening the door wider.

His question stopped her rambling and she nodded her agreement. “Thanks,” she told him as she crossed the threshold.

They stood there awkwardly, refusing to look each other in the eyes. The tension between them was so strong you could physically feel it. Their fingers itched to touch each other, but they somehow managed to refrain from doing so.

“Can I get you a drink?”

“No thanks.”

“Okay. Can I take your jacket then?”

“Oh, uh, sure.” Shrugging out of her jacket, she handed it to him and when their fingers brushed against each other’s, they both gasped at the sensation. The jacket dropped to the floor as they laced their fingers together and finally daring to look into each other’s eyes, they inched their bodies closer.

Michael’s free hand immediately went to Maria’s cheek and he cradled it tenderly as his eyes dropped to her lips. Lowering his head, his lips touched hers for a millisecond before she pulled back.

“Shouldn’t we, like, talk?” She asked against his lips, her voice filled with longing.

“Later,” he told her before his lips crashed onto hers.

They kissed ravenously, desperate to make up for all the lost time. Their arms wrapped around each other; Maria’s around his neck and Michael’s around her waist. They held each other tightly as their lips devoured one another.

They broke apart minutes later gasping for air, their foreheads resting together. Michael watched as Maria’s eyelids slowly fluttered open, her emerald pools coming into view. He smiled and gave a small sigh of relief when he saw they were once again sparkling.

“I missed you...so much,” he confessed to her and he watched as a beautiful smile graced her face.

“I missed you too. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and...I-I’ve felt like I’ve been in a daze these past few weeks. I wanted to call you but...”

“But what?” He asked, brushing away a tear that had fallen.

“I was scared. I was scared you wouldn’t want to talk to me.”

Michael took a deep breath. “That will never happen. I’ll always want to talk to you,” he told her adamantly. Pausing for a moment, he finally said what he knew she needed to hear. “I called you a couple of times. I was desperate to hear your voice so I called and just listened to you.”

“That was you? Why didn’t you say anything when I picked up?”

“Because I was scared too. I don’t think I could have taken it if you would have hung up on me.”

Maria held on to him tighter and she rubbed the tip of her nose against his. “I’d never do that to you. I couldn’t. I’ve been a basket case without you.”

“Yeah, well I’ve been a mess without you. I haven’t been able to think of anything except you,” he admitted.

“Ditto.” Bringing a hand up to his face, she stroked her thumb back and forth along his cheekbone. Noticing the dark shadows under his eyes, she asked, “Have you been sleeping?”

He shook his head. “No, not really. I’ve had a few hours here and there but...” he trailed off quietly.

“Same here. You wanna try and get some sleep now?”

“With you?”

She smiled at him. “Yeah, with me. We can talk about everything properly tomorrow.”

He smiled back at her. “Okay.” Taking her by the hand, he led her towards his bedroom.

Once inside, Maria released his hand and went over to the nightstand and turned on the small lamp so that a soft glow illuminated the room. The unmade bed dominated the room and her eyes left it to look at his face and she remembered Isabel’s words about the TV always being on. She knew without a doubt what he had been doing while they had been apart.

“When was the last time you slept in here?”

Michael shifted on his feet and shrugged at her question. “Why?”

“I’m just curious.” She told him as she walked back over to him and took his hand into hers, her thumb running back and forth along his knuckles. “So?”

“I, uh, I haven’t slept in here since the night of our fight. After you left I stripped the bed and it’s been like this ever since. I only come in here to get clothes out of my closet.”


“Don’t.” Removing his hand from hers, he went over and sat down on the edge of the bed. His elbows resting on his knees, he leaned forward and ran his hands through his hair. “I hate that I feel this way when you’re not with me, Maria. I haven’t been able to sleep, I haven’t felt like eating. All I’ve done is sit on that couch with the TV on loud and drink...trying to make myself forget you but I can’t. How could I ever forget you?”

Maria watched him until he became blurry as a result of the tears that had formed in her eyes. She blinked them away and then slowly walked forwards until she reached him before carefully dropping to her knees. “I’m sorry.”

Sitting up, he looked into her face and saw the tears that were running down her cheeks. “You have nothing to apologise for. I’m not blaming you for how I feel.”

“I know but I...I left you and...”

His hands touched her face gently as he caressed away her tears. “I was being a jerk and if I could, I’d have left me too.”

“Don’t joke about this, Michael, ‘cos it’s not funny.”

“You’re right, it’s not. Actually, I can’t even remember the last time I laughed.”

Moving forward, she placed a soft kiss on his lips before drawing back. “I can. It was a few days before our fight. You were trying to watch the hockey game on TV but I was distracting you. You were laughing when you finally picked me up and put me over your shoulder.”

Michael’s lips curled up in a smile. “Oh yeah, I remember that night. But what happened? What happened to change all that?”

“I don’t know. I, uh, I don’t remember what the fight was actually about. I know we’d been picking at each other but I can’t remember what the actual reason for our fight was. Do you?” She was worried about what his reaction would be to her admission.

“I don’t know either. This is fucking unbelievable. We’ve been miserable all this time and neither of us knows the reason why.”

Taking her hands in his, Michael pulled her up off her knees and then situated her on his lap where he cuddled her close to him. “How about we just apologise to each other and leave it at that?”

Maria laid her head against his shoulder before turning slightly so she could bury her face into the nook between his neck and shoulder. She planted soft kisses on his skin before nodding her agreement to his suggestion. Moving away a little so she could look into his eyes, she said, “We still need to talk about this though. We have to make sure we don’t let something this stupid happen again because I couldn’t take it. I can’t be away from you for this long again.”

“Me either and you’re right, we do need to talk about it. But let’s leave it until tomorrow after we’ve had a good night’s sleep.”

“Agreed,” she said jumping off his lap and heading to the cupboard to get fresh sheets and pillowcases to make the bed.

When they had finished making the bed, Michael watched as Maria got undressed. He was totally captivated by the way she shimmied out of her jeans but he knew she wasn’t trying to put on a show for him. Things still felt a little awkward but he was sure that after a good night’s sleep everything would be better and more comfortable.

“Aren’t you going to get undressed too?” Maria asked him, walking over to where he stood by the window. She was dressed in one of his T-shirts and her panties and having releaased her hair from its scrunchie, it was now hanging in waves down her back.

Her words brought him out of his thoughts and he gave her a smile. “Uh yeah, I’m just gonna go and use the bathroom.”

“To get changed? Why?”

“I haven’t got anything on under my jeans and I just thought that...”

“What? That because we’ve just gotten back together I can’t handle seeing you naked? I think I’ve been deprived long enough,” she told him with a giggle as she placed her hands on his belt buckle and made quick work of unfastening it and then his jeans.

Just that simple action was getting him aroused and he took deep breaths to keep calm. He was so tired all he wanted to do was catch up on much needed sleep with Maria in his arms where she belonged. It felt a little strange standing there in just his T-shirt after she had removed his jeans but she soon remedied that by sliding the fabric up his chest and then pulling it off over his head.

Maria’s eyes drank him in as he stood totally naked before her and after taking a few cleansing breaths, she took his hand and led him to the freshly made bed. “Get in,” she ordered and she smiled at his instant compliance. Walking around to her side of the bed, she was just about to get in when she made a decision. Her fingers grabbed the hem of her T-shirt and she pulled it off, dropping the garment to the floor before then hooking her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slipping them off.


“Shush. I’m not expecting us to do anything tonight, I don’t think either of us are capable of doing anything but sleeping. I-I just want to feel your skin touching mine,” she admitted quietly.

Michael’s eyes roamed her body, appreciating all her curves and pulling the covers back for her, he watched her climb into bed. He pulled her to him and arranged their bodies so every part of them was touching. They each sighed at the feel of their bodies finally being reunited. Maria’s fingers were tracing lazy patterns on his chest and the sound of his heartbeat was lulling her to sleep.

As he felt himself begin to doze off, Michael dropped a kiss onto the top of her head and whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she mumbled as she snuggled even deeper into his body.

Those three words caused his whole body to relax even further allowing sleep to finally claim him and this time he had happy dreams which were filled with images of how they could spend the rest of his vacation..

Part Three

Maria, still half-asleep, turned over in bed and when her hand touched the empty space next to her, she woke up fully and sat up. For a second she wondered if last night had been a dream. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she knew it wasn’t as she was definitely in Michael’s bedroom. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest as she worriedly considered that he had regretted their reunion and so getting up from the bed, she grabbed one of his shirts and slipped it on before going to look for him.

As she walked out of his bedroom, she could hear the faint sound of the shower running and she visibly relaxed. She didn’t realise she had been holding her breath in apprehension.

Opening the door quietly, Maria entered and padded across the floor, smiling as she saw the outline of Michael’s gorgeous body through the frosted glass of the shower. She shrugged out of the unbuttoned shirt and let it fall to the floor before opening the shower door and slipping inside. His back was to her and luckily the sound of the powerful spray of water didn’t give away her arrival.

Pressing her front up against his back, she wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly, the side of her face resting between his shoulder blades. Her lips curled up in a broad smile when she felt his hands cover hers and squeeze them.

Michael turned in her arms and his smile matched hers. His eyes locked on hers before lowering to her lips and his tongue snaked out to lick his own lips which suddenly felt dry. They gazed at each other for a long moment before he bent his head and seized her mouth in a fiery kiss. His tongue teased the seam of her lips and she immediately parted them granting him access.

Maria’s arms wrapped around his neck, her fingers idly toying with his wet hair, as the kiss became more and more heated. The feel of his silky tongue gliding against hers was sending sparks shooting up and down her body and she stood on the tips of her toes to inch herself even closer to him.

Knowing what she wanted, he wrapped his arms that little bit more tightly around her waist and he carefully turned her so that she was standing under the spray of the water. He laughed when she yelped at the water hitting her in the face.


“Uh huh? What is it, honey? I figured since you joined me in the shower you wouldn’t mind getting wet?” He teased.

Moving forward that little bit more, she pressed her breasts flush against his chest and with her mouth brushing his, she whispered, “Well that kiss was doing the job just fine.”

Her words spiked his arousal even further causing his erection to twitch against her belly. “Oh really? Maybe I should see for myself...” he said, his voice thick with lust as his fingers trailed down her flat stomach until they reached the apex of her thighs.

Maria’s breathing hitched as Michael’s calloused fingers caressed and tickled her lower lips, the slight roughness adding something extra to the already incredible sensation. The fingers of one hand dug into his shoulder when he suddenly thrust two fingers deep inside her and she couldn’t help the scream that tore through her throat.

He kept his eyes trained on her as she slid his fingers in and out of her slick entrance. The pace started off nice and slow before he gradually increased the speed. Her head tipped back and the water descending from above pushed the hair back off her face. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as he watched her get lost in the sensations he was so obviously causing within her.

Without removing his hand, he gently moved her until her back was pressed up against the tiled wall of the shower and wrapping his free arm around her waist, he hoisted her up and used his own body to keep her in place.

Maria whimpered as her legs hooked around his hips. God, he was so strong and the fact he could pick her up using only one arm just did something to her. It just seemed so...so primal. She clung to him tightly as he continued pumping his fingers inside her, only this time he was digging the heel of his hand into her mound, adding pressure to her clit.

Michael could feel her orgasm approaching and he smirked evilly as he removed his fingers from her and prepared himself for her protests. He mentally counted down. Three...two...one...

“No! No, don’t stop! Uh, that’s not fair.”

He silenced her with a passionate kiss, letting their tongues play together and when they broke apart, they were both breathing in large gulps of air.

“Maria, we haven’t been together in six weeks so the first time you cum isn’t going to be around my fingers, okay?” He told her as he narrowed the space between them and pressed against her more fully.

She gulped at the sudden visual of him pumping his thick cock deep inside her and without thinking, one of her hands slipped between them and stroked up and down his erection. He closed his eyes and savoured the feel of her small hand sliding over his skin.

Covering her hand with his, he stilled her actions and said, “Put your arms around my neck.”

Maria complied with his demand and she wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers softly stroking over the sensitive skin there. If it was possible, Michael moved even closer to her and he rubbed his body against hers, relishing in the feel of her soft, silky skin touching his.

His hands slid up and down her sides before travelling to her front and cupping her breasts. He watched his girlfriend’s face when he tweaked and plucked at her nipples and he smiled at the rapture etched on her face. Her legs which were wrapped around him were pulling him in even tighter so that she could rub against his erection and he had to close his eyes as the friction built.

“M-Michael...please...” she begged, her nails digging into his back.

He didn’t need to ask what she was begging for so instead he bent his head and took her mouth in a deep, passionate kiss as his hands slid down to her hips. Gripping them for purchase, he aligned their bodies before thrusting inside her in one powerful stroke and he felt her scream pour into him.

Maria felt delirious with the pleasure he was bestowing upon her and she tightly held onto his shoulders as she writhed against him. When they broke their kiss, Michael leaned forward and rested his forehead in the nook between her neck and shoulder as he continued to make love to her.

The six weeks in which they had been apart had felt like a lifetime. He knew without a doubt that his life without her would be unbearable and it made him adamant that he needed to do something to ensure that never became a reality.

Maria nuzzled her cheek against his hair. The first tremors of her orgasm were picking up pace and she knew it wouldn’t take much more for her to explode. She moaned loudly when he shifted his position slightly and his pubic bone rubbed against her clit. Moving her hand from where it was digging into his shoulder, she grabbed a fistful of his hair and dragged his mouth back to hers. As they devoured each other’s mouths furiously, their lower bodies were matching each other thrust for thrust as they both fought for completion.

Michael had no choice but to break the kiss when his orgasm hit, the need to vocalise his ecstasy being too intense to ignore. Her name left his mouth in a loud yell and he rested his forehead against hers as he helped her achieve her own climax. He was still semi-hard so he continued pumping into her and rubbing his groin against hers on each down stroke. A few short moments later she followed him over the edge with a loud scream that seemed to almost reverberate within the shower cubicle.

As they slowly came down from their respective highs, they held each other tightly as they locked gazes. Keeping their eyes open, they slowly inched forwards until their lips met and they shared soft, lingering kisses as they let their bodies calm down.

When they had, Maria was the first to speak.

“Wow.” She murmured, softly brushing her mouth against his. “Um, was it just me or did that feel even more amazing than usual?”

“It wasn’t just you. That felt incredible. If that’s what us not seeing each other for six weeks does...”

“Don’t even finish that sentence,” she told him as her fingers covered his lips. “I do not want to go through anything like that again.”

He kissed her fingers before gently removing them from over his mouth. “I was only teasing. I can’t go through anything like that again either. Which is why I was, uh, thinking...” He paused for a moment, unsure of how to continue.

“What, sweetie? What were you thinking?” Her arms held him firmly to her and she rubbed his shoulders in a soothing manner as she waited for him to speak.

“I don’t want us to be apart ever again so I was thinking that maybe it’s time for us to make a commitment to each other.”

Maria’s lips curled up in a half smile. “You mean like living together?”

“Uh, not exactly. I was thinking more along the lines of marriage.”

Her mouth dropped open as his words registered and she could feel tears prickling her eyes. This was so much more than she had been expecting. “A-are you serious?”

Seeing the way she was staring at him and also seeing ther tears in her eyes, Michael was worried that he had made a big mistake in bringing this up. But the shy way she’d asked her question spurred him into continuing.

“Yes. I am. I love you Maria, more than anything in the world and I...I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know I’m probably doing this all wrong and whoever heard of someone proposing in a shower, but nothing with us has ever been normal, right? So, I’m asking will you, Maria Deluca, marry me?”

Maria’s hands moved from Michael’s back to his face and she cupped it within her palms. She blinked to clear her eyes and then smiled at him. “Yes Michael, I’ll marry you. I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you too.”

His eyes drank her in before he moved forward and kissed her long and hard, pouring every ounce of himself into that kiss. His hands, which were still wrapped around her waist, held her even tighter as her words sank in.

She reluctantly broke the kiss after a while and when she did, she rubbed her nose against his and saw the tears in his own eyes. When one lone tear fell, she brushed it away with her thumb. “Your proposal was absolutely perfect so don’t think you did anything wrong.”

He squeezed her to him before unwrapping his body from hers and carefully placing her back down so she was standing. “I know we have a lot to talk about and that maybe this is a bit rash, but...”

“No. It’s not rash, Michael. We’ve been together for four years and okay, so we fight and argue but who doesn’t? I think this last fight woke us up and made us realise what we stand to lose if we let things get too out of control again. And anyway, just because we’ve gotten engaged now doesn’t mean we have to get married right away, not that I want a long engagement. The sooner I marry you, Mr Guerin, the better.” She told him, sucking his bottom lip into her mouth before giving it a nip with her teeth.

Michael smirked at her and when she moved her mouth away from him, he quickly stopped her and covered her mouth with his, thrusting his tongue deep inside. As they kissed, he shifted their positions so they were once again standing with the water raining down on them.

“How about we finish up in here and then get dressed and go out?” He suggested before his lips travelled down her throat to her neck.

She nodded. “Um...okay. Where do you want to go?”

“I was thinking we could get you an engagement ring.” He couldn’t help laughing when he saw the excitement bubbling up within her.

Standing on her tiptoes, Maria covered his face in butterfly kisses before saying, “Well, what are we waiting for?” as she grabbed the shower gel off the shelf.

He watched in amazement as she washed herself in what had to be record time for her. Shaking his head in amusement, he started washing himself too. As he did so, he couldn’t take his eyes off his girlfriend--no fiancée now, and he breathed a huge sigh of relief not only that she had agreed to marry him but that she had come back to him. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would never make the mistake of letting her go again.

“Come on slow coach, we’ve got some serious shopping to do.” Maria said slapping him on the ass as she moved past him to exit the shower. Before she had managed to leave, his hand just caught her wrist which made her shriek in surprise.

“You’re going to pay for that, honey.” He told her with a wink.

“Promise?” She asked, her voice thick and husky all of a sudden.

“Absolutely promise,” he replied pulling her to him and once again capturing her lips with his.

As they once again got lost in each other, they both silently agreed that they could shop for the ring later...much later.

You’re Haunting Me

I’ve been listening to the radio for hours on end
Looking for an answer on love
I realise that I’m so confused
My heart is going out
The remedy to loneliness I have drunk away
The bottle sits beside the bed
To wipe you from my head

You’re haunting me
Keep me awake
The nights are so cold and I start to shake
‘Cos I think of you
All of the time

You’re haunting me
Deep in my mind
I’m looking for an answer and hoping to find
Why I think of you
All of the time
All of the time

Its been a day
Its been a week
The time just looks the same
I look through my misty window
Can you tell me if there’s sun or rain

You’re haunting me
Keep me awake
The nights are so cold and I start to shake
‘Cos I think of you
All of the time

You’re haunting me
Deep in my mind
I’m looking for an answer and hoping to find
Why I think of you
All of the time
All of the time

Its been a day
Its been a week
The time just looks the same
I look through my misty window
Can you tell me if there’s sun or rain

You’re haunting me
Keep me awake
The nights are so cold and I start to shake
‘Cos I think of you
All of the time

You’re haunting me
Deep in my mind
I’m looking for an answer and hoping to find
Why I think of you
All of the time
All of the time

All of the time
All of the time

All of the time

The End


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