Don't You Know Who I Am?

Category: M&M, AU
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Nope, still don't own anything.
Summary: What happens when two opposites get thrown together on a long journey? Intrigued? Read on to find out.
Author's Note: Thanks to the girls at RCWW for their help and support with this.


“I hope you have a nice flight, Ms Deluca,” the young woman behind the desk said as she handed back Maria’s ticket.

Maria quickly looked around to make sure nobody had heard what the woman had just said and adjusted her hat, pulling it down slightly so it covered her eyes a little more. “It’s Ms Daniels if you don’t mind,” she told her sternly.

“Uh....oh sure Ms Del ....sorry, Ms Daniels.” The young woman blushed.

Taking her ticket back she shook her head in annoyance as once again she had been recognised. As she turned away to make her way over to the gate where she would be boarding her flight she crashed into someone and cursed as she dropped her bag, spilling some of its contents over the floor. “Jesus! Why don’t you open your eyes and look where you’re going?”

“Hey lady, you’re the one who crashed into me so why don’t you open your own damn eyes,” the person replied angrily. He moved around her and made his way to the check-in desk.

“Whatever. The least you could do is help me pick up the stuff you made me drop.”

“You dropped it, not me and I’m in a hurry so no can do,” he told her as he moved around her and began speaking to the young woman seated behind the check-in desk.

Maria quickly picked up all the possessions that had fallen out of her bag and making sure she had everything, rushed off to catch her flight. She had been in London for the past two weeks promoting her new album and had performed a series of concerts in the capital. It was now almost ten o’clock at night and she was at Heathrow about to board a flight taking her home to Los Angeles . It had taken a great deal of persuasion to get her manager to let her travel alone but she had talked him round, making it clear that she needed some quiet time after the madness of the past couple of weeks.

Reaching the gate she handed over her ticket and the young man who was boarding the passengers onto the plane smiled broadly at her. “Thank you, Ms Deluca,” he told her as he checked her ticket and then handed it back to her. “It’s great to have you fly with us.”

“I don’t mean to be rude but could you please address me by the name that’s on my ticket. It’s late and I’m tired and I really don’t want to be recognised. I just want to get on that plane and try and get some sleep.”

“I’m sorry, Ms Del .....”

“Daniels. It’s Ms Daniels,” she hissed.

The young man’s face flushed slightly with colour and he nodded. Feeling embarrassed at her uncharacteristic behaviour, she gave the man a smile and looking at his name tag said, “I’m sorry Pete. Like I said it’s been a long day and I’m tired. I didn’t mean to sound harsh.”

“Oh no, don’t worry about it. I’m just such a big fan of yours.” He told her.

“Thanks.” Looking around her to make sure there weren’t too many people in close proximity she opened her bag and took out a publicity photograph of herself and scrawled a personalised message on it. Handing it over to Pete she smiled. “I hope that you’ll accept this by way of an apology.”

“Yes, of course. Thank you so much,” he gushed as he took the signed photo from her.

“You’re welcome.” Maria gave him a wave as she walked away.


Michael Guerin heard the final boarding call for his flight and was racing through the terminal silently praying that he would make it on time. With only minutes to spare he handed over his ticket and boarding pass to the woman manning the gate who frowned at his lateness. Ignoring the look she was giving him he snatched back his documents and headed towards his plane.


Reclining her seat back, Maria stretched her legs out in front of her and savoured being able to travel in the comfort and style that first class afforded. The real plus was having more room to move about in as opposed to being squashed like a sardine in a can back in economy. Having removed her hat and fluffed her hair around her shoulders, she glanced around the darkened plane and noticed that the flight appeared to be only half full and several of her fellow passengers appeared to be preparing to get some rest during the flight. Thankfully the seats next to her were vacant. ‘Absolute bliss,’ she thought to herself closing her eyes. ‘I can have a nice relaxing flight with nobody sitting next to me trying to engage me in mindless conversation.’

Feeling a presence in front of her and thinking it was one of the flight attendants come to offer her a drink Maria said, “I’m fine for the moment thanks.”

“Excuse me?”

Her eyes flew open at the voice which sounded oddly familiar and when she saw who it was she groaned. “Oh no, it’s you,” she said aloud as she looked up at the rude person she had crashed into at the check-in desk earlier.

“I think that’s my line. Can you move your crap off my seat so I can sit down before we take off?” Michael asked rudely.

“No way, you are not sitting next to me for the next eight hours.”

Smirking at her he replied, “Well according to my ticket I am so move your crap or do I need to call one of the attendants over and create a scene?”

Without saying a word Maria moved her bag and magazine off of the adjacent seat and sighed loudly as Michael quickly sat down and buckled up and a few minutes later the captain’s voice came on the intercom welcoming the passengers.

“I can’t believe I’m stuck with him for the next eight hours,” Maria muttered under her breath.

“Hey lady, I heard that and I’m not exactly thrilled to be stuck with you either. I’ve obviously pissed someone off and they’ve managed to arrange it that you’re my punishment for the next eight hours.”

“How dare you? So you’re not a fan, big deal. It’s kind of unfair to say I’m your ‘punishment’.”

“Fan? Fan of what? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he told her sounding confused.

“Don’t you know who I am?” She asked as she turned more fully in her seat to face him and frowned at her own question. What the hell did she think she was doing? She hated reading articles about the rich and famous asking that question of people.

“Apart from being the crazy lady from the airport, no. Should I know you?” He countered.

Startled by his answer she replied, “ Look, I’m going to try and get some sleep so I’d be grateful if you could maybe keep the noise down.”

“Whatever but I’ll be waking you up if you start snoring, lady.”

“The name’s Maria and I’d rather you call me that than keep referring to me as ‘lady’. Okay?”

“Fine,” he replied looking into her eyes and noticing for the first time just how green they really were. During all their bitching he hadn’t really taken the time to look at her that closely but now he found he couldn’t stop.. His eyes roamed her delicate features and as well as her emerald green eyes he noticed the fullness of her lips and wondered if they were natural or had been enhanced. He personally hoped for natural. He couldn’t help thinking she looked vaguely familiar other than from their previous encounter when they had crashed into each other. ‘Oh well, it’ll probably come to me later,’ he told himself.

“Are you finished?” Maria asked, her skin flushed slightly with colour at the intense way this guy was staring at her.


“Are you done staring at me?”

“In your dreams babe.”

“If you’re going to talk to me then call me by my name otherwise keep it zipped buddy,” she told him.

“Okay, okay, keep your hair on, Maria. There, are you happy now? And you might as well call me Michael if you plan on talking to me.”

“Well I don’t so that was a useless piece of information.” With that said, Maria laid back in her seat and pulled the blanket provided by the airline over herself and once she was comfortable closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep.

Fastening his seat belt and making himself comfortable in his seat, Michael couldn’t help stealing glances at the young woman seated next to him. He couldn’t help thinking how innocent she looked when she wasn’t ranting at him and he smirked. Shaking his head he got a magazine out of his bag and started to read.

A few hours had passed and Maria was slowly starting to wake up. Nestling further into her pillow she couldn’t help thinking how nice it smelled and couldn’t remember ever having thought that about an airline pillow before. All of a sudden her ‘pillow’ shifted and she slowly looked up and met a pair of warm amber eyes which were looking back at her in amusement.

“You’re finally awake, huh? Do you think I could have my shoulder back now?”

She blushed at his words before quickly looking away and then mentally chastised herself. When did she, Maria Deluca, international singing superstar, ever blush at a stranger’s words? Raising her eyes defiantly she looked into his eyes again and was about to say something when he interrupted her.

“It’s okay, I actually didn’t mind you leaning on me and if I’d wanted to I could have woken you up and asked you to move, but you looked so peaceful that I didn’t want to disturb you.” This time he gave her a genuine smile and she smiled back at him.

“Thank you. I haven’t had much sleep in the last couple of days so I really needed that.” Deciding to be friendly she held her hand out to him and added, “Seeing as we didn’t have a great introduction lets start again. Hi, I’m Maria Deluca.”

Taking her hand in his he shook it and replied, “I’m Michael Guerin. It’s nice to meet you.”

“You too. Look, I’m sorry about before in the airport, it was as much my fault as yours when we crashed into each other.”

“Apology accepted.” He gave her a wink.


“And what?” He asked, knowing exactly what she wanted to hear from him.

“I said it was as much my fault as yours so lets hear your apology buddy.”

“Okay fine, I’m sorry too. So are you from LA or are you just visiting?”

“You’re pretty nosey aren’t you?” she teased before saying, “I actually live in LA but I’m not from there. How about you?”

“I’m about to start a new job there and this is just a short visit to find myself somewhere to live. I was actually supposed to be there last week but something came up at work which meant I needed to fly to London suddenly. I figured I may as well head straight to LA from here and then go back to Roswell .

“Do you know anyone in LA?” She queried and as she waited for him to answer she let her eyes discreetly look him up and down. He was so damn gorgeous with his warm, sparkling eyes, full lips and finely chiselled cheekbones. She could feel her body overheat as she remembered crashing into his tall, hard body in the airport. His answer to her question brought her out of her reverie.

“Nope, all my family and friends are back home.”

“And where would home be, Michael?”

“Looks like I’m not the only nosey one, huh Maria? But to answer your question I’m from Roswell, New Mexico.” He told her.

“Oh my god, you’re kidding? I’m originally from Roswell but my family moved when I was about seven to Santa Fe.”

“Wow. Small world huh? I was born and raised there and apart from attending college in Chicago I’ve never been away for very long.”

“Is the CrashDown Café still there?” she asked remembering each Sunday that her parents would treat her to an ice cream sundae after they had been to church.

“Oh yeah. I actually used to work there as a part-time cook to earn some cash when I was at school.”

Chuckling she said, “This is so weird. First we crash into each other at the airport, we then find we’re sitting together on the same flight and then we discover that we’re from the same town.”

He laughed along with her. “Tell me about it. So Maria, what do you do if you don’t mind me asking?”

Maria was about to say something sarcastic when she saw the genuineness of his question and so decided to have a little fun with her sudden anonymity. She was so used to having people know immediately who she was and fawning all over her that this was pretty refreshing. “I’m a singer,” she told him quietly.

“Really? Solo or are you in a band?”

“Solo although I used to be in a band when I was in school. How about you? What do you do?”

“I write for a magazine,” he told her in all innocence.

She tensed at his answer. “A magazine? I should have known this was too good to be true. So was running into me at the airport a set-up, huh? I thought it was too convenient that we were both born in Roswell. I guess it’s true that you guys will say anything for a story.” Tossing aside the blanket that was covering her she got up from her seat and angrily pushed past Michael and made her way towards the bathroom.

“What the hell was that all about?” Michael mumbled to himself. He had thought things were going great and he was even trying to work up the nerve to maybe suggest going for a drink when they landed. Getting up from his seat he quickly followed her and managed to slip inside the small room before she was able to close the door.

“Excuse me. Do you mind?” Folding her arms across her chest she gave him a nasty glare. She should have known meeting this gorgeous looking guy was too good to be true. Just her luck he had to be an undercover reporter.

“Yeah you know what, I do mind. What the hell were you talking about back there?”

“As if you don’t know.”

“I don’t. All I know is that we were having a nice conversation and then all of a sudden you flip out and accuse me of setting you up. How have I set you up?”

“I have nothing to say to you so I’d appreciate it if you would just leave. I certainly don’t want any of the passengers or crew seeing you follow me in here. They’ll think we’re doing….stuff. Do I have to call one of the attendants over?”

“I’ll leave when you’ve told me what it is I’ve done to you.”

For the second time that night Maria looked into Michael’s eyes and saw the seriousness of his statement. Could she have been wrong and jumped to the wrong assumption? Just because he wrote for a magazine didn’t mean he had to know who she was, right? “Do you know who I am?” she finally asked him.

“Yeah, we introduced ourselves a short while ago so of course I know who you are.”

She couldn’t help smiling at his response. “That’s not what I meant. Before us meeting tonight, did you know who I was?”

Michael looked at her like she was nuts before running his hands through his hair as he leaned back against the counter. “Huh? How could I know who you were before we’d met?”

“I know this sounds weird to you but when you told me you wrote for a magazine I freaked thinking you knew who I was and had been sent to do an undercover story on me or something.”

“I work for a sports magazine Maria or I will be in about six weeks time. So tell me, who exactly is Maria Deluca then?”

Breathing a heavy sigh of relief at his answer she replied, “I’m a singer like I told you but what I didn’t tell you is that I’m famous for it. I’m based in LA but I travel all over the world touring and promoting my music. I figured you really knew who I was and.....”

“Yeah I know, you figured I was writing an exposé on you. I may be a journalist but I’m not a tabloid hack okay. That’s not the kind of writing I want to be known for. If I had known who you were and wanted to do a piece on you I would have been upfront about it.”

Seeing the look on his face Maria moved closer to him and placed a hand on his arm. “I’m sorry Michael, I really am. I shouldn’t have assumed what I did but surely you can understand why I freaked out. It’s just I haven’t had a great relationship with the journalists I’ve dealt with so far. I’ve had them trying to bribe family members, friends and ex-boyfriends into spilling their guts about me and I’ve been very lucky in that they haven’t. Well all except for one. My ex-boyfriend Billy sold his story to one of the tabloids but most of what he told them was a load of crap.”

“I’m sorry you’ve had a rough time with the ones you’ve met but in my defence not all journalists are bad guys.” He removed her hand from his arm and held it between his hands, stroking his thumb back and forth over her knuckles. “How about we go back out there and have a drink?”

Loving the feel of his hands on hers, she moved even closer to him and standing on her tiptoes she tilted her head up so her lips were only a hair’s-breadth away from his and whispered, “How about we stay in here and do this?” And with that she kissed him hard.

It took him less than a second to respond and releasing her hands he wrapped his arms around her waist just as she wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers idly playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.

“What are we doing?” He asked her breathlessly after they had parted.

“Kissing?” she teased. In response he pinched her ass and laughed at her yelp.

“Hey, watch it pally.”

“Sorry but at least I can say I’ve pinched Maria Deluca’s ass.” Seeing her mouth open ready to protest, he took advantage and slipped his tongue inside and explored each and every nook. Sighing into his mouth, she held his head between her palms before slowly scratching her nails across his scalp.

Michael’s hands were spanning her waist and he gently picked her up and turning round he placed her on the counter he had been leaning against. Maria rested her hands on his shoulders and opening her legs a little more she pulled him in closer. She couldn’t help gasping when she felt his hands resting just above her knees on her bare skin and she kissed him back even harder than before.

Breaking the kiss he planted butterfly kisses all over her face before moving down to her neck where he sucked a piece of skin into his mouth.

“You’d better not leave a mark,” she told him jokingly. “The last thing I need is to be photographed with a giant hickey on my neck when we land in LA.”

“Request duly noted,” he replied before going back to the task in hand and moving further down. “How do you feel about me leaving a mark where it won’t be seen?” He panted against her skin and she shivered in response.

“Go for it.” She held him tighter as he unbuttoned a few buttons of her shirt and then began sucking furiously on the skin just above her right breast. Her legs wrapped around his hips holding him in place which in turn caused her short skirt to rise up further exposing her thighs. Reveling in the feel of his lips on her skin and one of his slightly calloused hands stroking her thigh, she moaned in pleasure. Being on the road so much left little time for relationships and she always had to keep in mind that anyone getting close to her could be trying to do so in order to then sell their story to the papers. Somehow she could tell that Michael was different, regardless of his occupation. She bit her lip in order to try and suppress another moan escaping her lips as she felt him switch sides and begin to kiss his way back up the other side of her neck until his lips were once again on hers.

Michael didn’t think he would ever get enough of Maria Deluca and moving his hand from her thigh he wrapped both arms around her waist and slowly pulled her shirt out from the waistband of her skirt. He was desperate to feel more of her skin but didn’t want to rush things and scare her off although he didn’t think she would voice any objections if the way she was kissing him was any indication. Tracing patterns on her lower back with his fingers he couldn’t help smiling against her lips at the way she was shivering at his touch.

“What’cha smiling at?” She asked after drawing away from him a little and leaning back further on the counter.

“You,” he told her before asking, “Do you think they’ve missed us yet?”

“Who cares? I hate flying so I love the distraction of being in here with you.”

He frowned. “Is that what this is? A distraction?”

Shaking her head no, she reached out a hand and caressed his cheek, feeling the light stubble prickling the pads of her fingertips and said, “No, you’re not a distraction. I just meant that.....oh crap! I don’t know what I meant. I don’t know what’s going on between us so why don’t we just see what happens, huh?” She gave him a wink and he couldn’t help laughing. “I can’t even remember the last time I made out with someone let alone had sex and you’re doing a fantastic job of getting me all heated up.”

“Really? Well it would be unfair of me to leave you hanging on the edge then, wouldn’t it?”

“Extremely unfair. So how about it Mr Guerin? You up to the job or would you like to go back out there and have that drink you mentioned a while ago?”

Instead of answering her verbally he gave her a smirk and then began unbuttoning the last few buttons of her blouse before undoing the front clasp of her bra. Moving closer to her he kissed her lips before slowly travelling south until he had one of her nipples between his lips and was circling it with his tongue before nipping at the tender nub with his teeth.

Maria’s hands held his head firmly in place against her chest and she sighed in total pleasure. One of his hands was stroking the smooth skin of her back while the other was massaging the breast he wasn’t suckling.

“Oh.......yes.....yessss.......more.......” she mumbled before placing one of her hands over his kneading her breast, encouraging him to do it harder. He couldn’t help smirking as he complied with her request, giving her nipple a pinch which resulted in a strangled yelp from her.

The sensation of that pinch had travelled straight to her core and she felt a sudden rush of moisture between her legs. “Michael.......please........I.....I need......”

Looking up at her he gave her nipple a lick before standing up straight so he could look directly into her eyes. “What do you need? Tell me Maria.” He asked, his voice thick with desire.

Leaning closer to him she kissed him long and hard and then keeping his lower lip between hers tugged on it before replying, “I.....I need to feel you inside me.”

They shared a long look and both knew this was what they wanted to happen.

Moving closer to him Maria kissed a trail of fire from his lips down to his neck and he tilted his head giving her better access. As she kissed him her hands started unbuttoning his shirt until it was hanging off of his shoulders and shrugging it off he let it fall to the floor. Michael sighed as her hands massaged and stroked his heated flesh and he held his breath when her hands started undoing his belt and then unfastened his pants. When her hands touched his hardened length for the first time he couldn’t help the long drawn out moan that escaped his lips and he found himself thrusting himself further into her hand.

Her hand stroked over him slowly, excruciatingly slowly and she felt something low in her belly tighten further in anticipation of what was to come. She couldn’t help smiling at her unintended pun. He was so big and so hard and she just knew this was going to feel so damn good.

While Maria’s hands were busy with him, Michael’s hands were moving higher under her skirt, one hand stroking her thigh while the other ventured that little bit higher to touch her panties. He groaned when he realised that she wasn’t wearing panties and he glanced up at her to find her eyes tightly shut in what appeared to be blissful concentration. Letting his fingers caress her moist flesh he asked, “Commando?”

Opening her eyes and hooking a hand around his neck, she drew him closer to her and licked his lips. “I had no choice with this skirt. Are you saying you don’t approve?”

“Hell no! The thought of us arguing back in the airport and earlier on the plane while you weren’t wearing panties is really sexy.”

“Really?” She asked before sucking on his lips, her eyes focused on him the whole time.

“Definitely. So you sure you want to do this?”

“Oh yeah. You’d better get to work before we get interrupted,” she told him. Tilting his head back she licked and then sucked on his Adam’s apple.

“Okay then, but just remember you asked for it.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure I won’t be forgetting this in a hurry.”

Michael pulled her forwards so she was seated more on the edge of the counter and he maneuvered her so that he could push her skirt up further until she was fully exposed to him. He wasn’t surprised to see that she was shaved bare and this just seemed to excite him further. As he was just about to thrust inside her he came to his senses and remembered something. “Wait! Condom.”

Shifting forward she leaned her forehead against his and sighed. “I don’t have anything. Like I told you before, I haven’t been with anyone for ages.”

Planting a kiss on her lips he gave her a grin. “Give me just a second and you might be in luck.” Bending down he fumbled in the pockets of his pants which had fallen to his ankles and his triumphant shout was cut off by Maria’s lips on his and her tongue which was now exploring his mouth.

While they kissed Michael rolled the condom onto his rock hard shaft and he gasped into Maria’s mouth when her hands started stroking him again. Positioning himself at her entrance, he pushed forward and thrust himself deep inside and they released their moans and gasps into each other’s mouths as they continued to devour each other with their lips and tongues.

Placing one hand behind her on the counter she braced herself as he pounded into her and she dug the fingernails of her other hand into his shoulder which in turn made him hiss with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

He couldn’t believe how tight Maria was and put this down to the fact that she hadn’t been with anyone for a while. He gripped her waist with one hand while pinching her nipples with his other before slipping that hand between their bodies to rub her clit.

“Michael....oh god.......please......please.......” Maria threw her head back and wished she could scream out her pleasure. Instead she moved herself forward and captured Michael’s lips with her own, kissing him deeply before screaming into his mouth. He could feel the noise echo and vibrate throughout his body and changing the angle of his penetration he found himself sliding deeper still into Maria’s hot, pliant body.

“Please what, Maria?”

Nipping his earlobe she whispered, “Harder.....fuck me harder.....”

He wasn’t expecting to hear those words pass her lips but he didn’t care and did as she asked. Gripping her waist tightly with his hands he thrust into her as hard as he could and he could feel his balls tighten in response. Knowing he was on the verge of climaxing and his hands being occupied, he told her, “Rub and pinch your clit for me. I......oh f-uck.......I want us to cum together and I’m......uh.......almost there.”

Maria’s hand stroked and pinched her clit and she could feel her orgasm fast approaching. Turning her head slightly aside she bit her arm which was holding on to a wall of the small room in order to muffle her yell as she exploded and saw stars and a blinding white light behind her eyelids.

Just at that second Michael flew over the edge as Maria’s internal muscles gripped and then fluttered seductively around his cock effectively draining him of his orgasm. Burying his face in her neck he let himself vocalise his pleasure before calming down a little and licking over her salty skin and savouring its flavour.

“Are you okay?” He asked her, smiling against her skin.

“I think okay is an understatement, Michael. That was fan-fucking-tastic,” she told him. Her arms came up to wrap around his neck and she pulled him up so they were face to face and inching closer together they shared another intense kiss.

“Glad I could be of service,” he said her with a big grin on his face which soon turned into a breathy moan when he felt her muscles tighten again. “Stop that.” He chuckled at the pout she gave him. “We’ve got to go back out there and walking out there with a hard-on isn’t something I particularly want to do.”

“I could always help you out with that. I’d hate to see it go to waste,” she teased.

“I’d love you to take care of it but we’d better get back out there. I’m surprised no one’s knocked on the door wanting to use the bathroom. God knows how long we’ve been in here.”

Giving her a quick kiss Michael moved back and then removed and disposed of the condom. While he got dressed Maria washed up and made herself presentable again and then turned to look at him longingly as he fastened his pants.

“What?” He asked with a cheeky smirk plastered on his face.

“Nothing. I was happens now? I mean when we land?” Seeing a look she couldn’t name pass over his face she quickly added, “Don’t worry I’m not expecting you to get down on bended knee with a ring or anything but I am curious as to what this is.......if anything.”

“I’m not worried.” Walking towards her he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. “Before we came in here and did this I was trying to work up the courage to ask you if you wanted to go for a drink when we landed but now......knowing you’re famous, I’m guessing that’s not possible.”

“It’s not possible....” she started only to be interrupted by him pulling back from her.

“Sure, I understand.”

Maria pulled him back towards her and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. “Can I finish please?” He gave her a nod. “Okay, what I was going to say was that it’s not really possible to go for a drink somewhere public what with me getting hassled and photographed but you could maybe come to my place......if you want to that is.”

Michael’s heart lifted in his chest and he gave her a warm smile. “I definitely want to. I’m sorry about before....”

“That’s okay. So, who’s going back out there first? I think it should be me seeing as I was the first one in here. It probably doesn’t matter anyway, I’m sure someone saw you follow me in here. I just hope no one has recognised me. I can just imagine the headlines now….”

He smirked at her rambling. “Okay, you go first. Maybe it’ll help stop your babbling. I’ll follow you in a few minutes and maybe we can have that drink?”

“Mmmm, sounds good. And for your information I don’t babble.”

They shared another kiss which went on and on and they only parted when the need for air became an issue. Leaning his forehead against hers Michael caressed her cheek with his fingers. “You’d better get back out there. I’ll see you in a few minutes, okay?”

“Okay.” Reaching the door she gave him a smile before slipping out.

Standing alone in the bathroom Michael leaned back against the counter and ran his hands through his hair as his mind replayed what had just happened. Remembering his earlier comment to Maria about how he must have pissed someone off to warrant being stuck with her for the long flight, he took it back. The gods were definitely smiling on him today and he just knew that having met Maria his life had just taken a sudden and unexpected turn and things would probably never be the same again. Checking his watch he shrugged before exiting the bathroom. Making his way back to his seat he couldn’t help smiling as a certain young woman came into view.

The End


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