Boys' Locker Rooms Can Be Fun

Category: M&M
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own anything.
Summary: Michael and Maria find that you can have fun at school.
Author's Note: I couldn't help writing this after reading an extract from a reader's real life experience in the latest issue of 'Cosmopolitan'.


Maria nervously hid herself around the corner from the boys’ locker room and watched as they started to leave the room after their last period Phys Ed class. She saw that Max was the last student to leave the room closely followed by Mr Sanders, their coach, and she smiled. ‘Great, it looks like he’s still in there,’ she thought to herself. Looking up and down the corridor to make sure the coast was clear, Maria quickly snuck into the room.

The air was still a little foggy from the heat of the water used for the boys’ showers and this hindered her sight slightly as she scanned the area looking for her partner in crime. Suddenly Maria felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist hugging her tightly. “Hey, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long.” She said, her voice betraying the excitement she was experiencing.

“You could have been here sooner if Maxwell hadn’t been taking his sweet time getting changed. I got changed super fast knowing what we were planning and made Max think I was in a hurry to get out of here, but when no one was looking I hid behind that last row of lockers,” Michael replied pointing out his hiding place and he couldn’t help his trademark smirk spreading across his face.

“Good thinking, Spaceboy.” Maria said as she felt his hardness pressing into her ass and she rubbed herself against it enjoying the moan that escaped from his lips. Turning around to face him she pulled him closer and kissed him hard. Michael kissed her back just as hard before sucking first her upper lip and then her lower lip into his mouth.

“I........I couldn’t wait for the end of today.......I’ve missed much.....” Michael managed to get out between kisses.

“God, Michael......Me too....”

Moving her hands down Michael’s front, Maria frantically unbuttoned his jeans pushing them down to his knees and pulled a condom out of the pocket of her denim mini skirt as Michael pushed her skirt up towards her waist. Watching his face, Maria smiled in satisfaction as he first registered surprise and then approval at the fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties today. She stroked his length before she slid the condom on him and leaning back against the nearest wall, pulled him towards her. Digging her fingernails into his buttocks and pushing his lower body into hers, Maria rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy and completely let go of herself moaning loudly. “Oh.......Oh God.......You feel so good.........” Michael covered her mouth with his own kissing her deeply and trying to stifle her cries as he remembered where they were.

They quickly pulled off each others clothes and Michael whispered sexily in her ear, “Let’s get wet.” Maria knew exactly what he meant and wanted it too. Wrapping her legs around him Michael carried her into the showers and they had fast and furious sex under the cascading warm water. Michael, sensing Maria was about to climax, released her legs from where they were hooked around his waist and crouched down where he used his tongue on her pussy and nibbled on her clit with his teeth.

“Yes......yes.......right there....Michael, don’t move.….please.......” Maria instructed holding his head in place and raking her nails through his hair.

With the water rushing over their bodies, it felt so wild; Maria could feel her toes start to tingle, then her legs started to shake, and she suddenly had one of the most fantastic orgasms of her and Michael’s sexual history. Michael then suddenly stood up, wrapped her legs around him again and thrust back inside her and she felt his climax shoot through his body which made her so hot that she came again with his name on her lips. “Michaelllll!”

“God, Maria, I love you so much......You’re so good.......” he said, panting heavily.

Maria started to lower her legs but Michael wouldn’t let her go. He gripped her waist tighter and walked her back out to the locker room area where he gently eased himself out of her and sat her down on one of the benches. Quickly disposing of his condom he started gathering up their clothes. Sitting down next to her, he leaned over and kissed her slowly. “Come on, we’d better get dressed before we get busted,” he said passing her clothes to her.


“Hmmm, what is it sweetie?”

“I love you too.”

Michael smiled broadly as he buttoned up his jeans before walking over to where Maria was sitting as she started pulling on her own clothes. “Good.” He bent down and kissed her slowly and thoroughly. After a few minutes they reluctantly broke the kiss. “Thanks for treating me today, babe. I never knew the boys’ locker room could be such fun,” Michael said laughing.

Smiling back at him Maria replied, “Well, I’m sure you boys could have your own kinda fun if you wanted........”

“Hey, don’t even go there. I don’t care what anyone else is into but you’re the only one for me. Got it?”

Laughing at her boyfriend, Maria grabbed his shirt front and pulled him back towards her and licked his lips. “Got it.”

Michael quickly kissed her before he pulled her up and then helped her get dressed. Once they were ready Michael carefully opened the door leading out into the corridor and looked both ways to see if anyone was around.

“Come on, let's get outta here.” He grabbed Maria’s hand and pulled her down the corridor and out of the school building heading towards the parking lot and the Jetta. Letting go of her hand so she could search for her keys in her bag, he leaned against the car and ran his hands through his hair, breathing a sigh of relief.

Finding her car keys Maria unlocked the passenger door gesturing for him to get in. Grabbing her round the waist Michael managed to get the keys out of her hand. “I’ll take those, honey. I didn’t bring the bike today so I’ll drive you home if you want me to.”

“Oh, I definitely want you to and seeing as we’re both not working today how ‘bout instead of driving me home you take me to your place?”

Unable to show any restraint, Michael suddenly bundled Maria into the car and shut her door before he ran round to the driver’s side and got in.

“Hey, what’s the rush?” She asked giggling.

“No rush,” he replied smirking at her before gunning the engine and leaving the parking lot in a cloud of dust.

The End


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